Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bread and Quilts

It is a rainy day here in the backwoods.  A good day to stay inside and make bread which is what I am doing.  Once that is done, I will get back to assembling the blocks for the wedding gift quilt.  I am at the stage where I wonder why I start these things.  These blocks have three areas on each side that have to be joined and the center one is a point.  For some reason, I thought that it would be easier to do this without sashing.  Not sure where my brain was when I made that decision although as I think the appearance of the top was probably a factor, I still think (despite the work) that I made the right decision.
I am sure non quilters must wonder why we spend so much time just thinking about quilting but those of us with the addiction know that it is all part of the process.  I am sure that you are like me and spend most waking (and some sleeping) moments thinking about colour , top stitching and asembling choices before you even begin to cut the fabric.  In fact, there are few times when something to do with quilting isn't on my mind.
Yesterday, I received the lastest edition of Canada's quilt magazine, Quilter's Connection, and now I am thinking about one of the products I saw advertised.  It is a devise that fits on your long arm sewing machine and automates the topstitching.  Does a lot more than that but it is way out of my budget.  Of course, I have been assured that I am a finalist in the Reader's Digest sweepstakes so maybe I should put in my order!

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