Friday, June 18, 2010

A Great Bargain

Yesterday seems to have got away on me.  I went to Huntsville in the morning to get groceries and take advantage of a fabric sale.  I got some great bargains on both so that made for a happy trip.Got home, unpacked and then didn't do anything for the rest of the day.
I hadn't slept well the night before as Heidi was still nervous about the bear which meant she kept me awake. She seems to be settling down now so perhaps we are back to normal.
I am really pleased with the bargain on got on batting.  I needed quite a bit as I have 2 kings, a queen and a double that I am doing.  Everything was on half price so it was a good day to shop.
I found some 124 inch wide batting that normally cost $35.00 a meter on special at $15.00.  I was thrilled with that but, as the clerk was measuring it out, we noticed a lot of dirty spots.  She talked to the manager and I ended up getting it for 75% off plus and extra couple of meters.  I was, needless to say, thrilled.
I am pretty sure the spots will wash out and, if necessary, I can always cut that bit out and patch in a clean bit.
We now have 24 followers.  One more and I will come up with something special for you.

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