Friday, June 4, 2010

Sun Kissed Trees

Last night, just after supper, I was letting Heidi back in and noticed that the setting sun had created a wonderful picture.  Because we are surrounded by trees, we don't get to see either the sun set or rise but we often have wonderful side effects.
These trees are on the south side and the setting sun had reached through and turned the wood into crimson.  I have often see this depicted in paintings but first time I really noticed it 'in the flesh'.
I think I am going to put together a collage of our trees in all their various guises-sun kissed, fall finery, snow blanket, frost tinged, winter starkness etc.
It is amazing just how varied the appearance of one tree can be.

Every so often my husband and I need a few days apart (usually after a holiday). So he has gone to spend a couple of days with his family and to go to an automotive show.  I am going to be reading, sewing, reading and sewing.  I have a new quilt pattern idea I would like to try although I hesitate to start anything new until I get more of the wedding quilts finished.  Can I still be on holidays even though I am at home?

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  1. Lol, I love your comment about you and your husband needing time apart after a holiday, I think that is so true of most relationships.
    Thanks for sharing