Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Holiday Photos

One of the  things I think everyone does when returning from holidays is to go through their photos.  I didn't take a lot on this trip as it is one we have done a number of times but here are a couple.  The goose is the well known landmark at Wawa, Ont.  I have other photos of this but I thought the workers made a humorous difference.  It looks as though they are cleaning up after the goose-and it would take a number of them with a bird this size.
These realistically designed animals at Hearst have always been amongst my favourite.  The setting  adds to the realism.  Heidi was a little nervous of the wolf.

Both these communities are in Northern Ontario and the towns are to be congratulated for, not only the sculptures, but also the foresight in having them created.  Before cars became so gas efficient, travellers had to stop in every community just to get fuel.  Now it is possible (for most of us) to drive for nearly a day without a pause. 
We always try to take a photo of every giant perogy, frog etc. that we see.  I am sure others do the same and, of course, we take the opportunity to grab a coffee at the same time or perhaps walk the main street. All this adds to the income of the community.
Have you got a favourite giant?

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