Thursday, June 10, 2010

Exercise. Ugh.

Since coming back from our aborted holidays, I am, once again,  exercising each morning.   I keep trying various things but, unfortunately, have trouble sticking with it.  In the winter time, I walk.  I enjoy the scenery and the temperatures allows me to go at a good pace.  In the spring, I am concerned about bears and, of course, bugs, so I try to make a point of walking a few blocks in town each week.  Those good intentions never last into the summer so, here I am, trying again.
I have found I am more likely to stick at something if I do it at home and so I have got out an excersice cd and am keeping it in the computer.  This one is dance steps and has four different routines.  I am alternating between two of them. I doubt if I will ever look like the instructor no matter how hard I try but I do notice that I am standing straighter and my balance is better. 
If I can just keep at this until winter, I know I will benefit.  I am hoping that as I can vary what I am doing there will be less chance of getting bored.  Of course, I may have to shoot the instructor.  They are always so skinny, so peppy and so full of life.  Wouldn't it be nice to find a teacher who looked as though she just finished sending the children to school, had a face and body that appeared to live in the real world and was panting a bit at the end of the routine.

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