Monday, June 28, 2010

A Few Tips

It has been a busy weekend.  We watched the televised reports of both the G8 and G20.  We were particularly interested in the former as it was taking place in nearby Huntsville.  I think the town did a wonderful job.  The G20, as you probably know, had problems with rioters.  It was horrible watching those few hundred individuals create such havoc but there were a few interesting things happening during the turmoil.  There was one shot of a policeofficer and the young man who had been arrested and the two were chatting away as though they were out for a stroll.  There was no hint of animosity.  That, I said to my husband, is a truly Canadian snapshot.  Personal opinion:  I think the police did a good job.  They showed restraint and gave respect to those they had to deal with.  They have a lousy job; no matter what they do, they are in the wrong. 
Also on the weekend, we went to see my sister, husband, he son and his family.  Our brother and his wife were able to join us so we had a nice family time.
Today, I am watching the Queen's arrival and the various things related to that.
Tomorrow, I will post the wall hanging but, today, I would like to pass on a few hints for those of you who are new quilters.
When I first started quilting, I was really nervous about cutting the fabric in case I made a mistake.  Material is not cheap and we do use a lot of it.  I found that making a trial block out first helped.  I save all my left over material and use it for the trial block.  It helps me work out any problems and gain confidence if it is a new block.  A side benefit is that eventually, I have enough blocks to put together for a sampler quilt.

A cost saving tip:  to get extra usage from your rotary cutter, carefully rub it with fine sandpaper.  This will remove any burrs and rough spots.

Do you have a clear extension table for your machine.  Put a small battery operated lamp under it for a quick an easy light table.  This makes lining fabric up for paperpiecing much easier as well as other projects.

Hope some of these ideas are useful.

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