Monday, June 14, 2010

Spring Babies

 I hope you like the blogs new look.  Blogger offered some new options so I thought I would try this one out.
If you have been out in the country lately, you will have seen unmistakable signs of new life.  Calves and colts, lambs, kids and even baby bison frolic in the fields.
We have our own little ones.  Throughout the day, a family of ducks can been seen crossing our driveway to and from the little pond.  We think they are living in a brush pile that we left.  My husband has periodically mentioned burning it but I said that there are probably rabbits and other wildlife living in it.  Never thought of ducks. We will have to erect a 'duck crossing' sign.
Now that our clover is in flower, it is literally humming with bees.  Yellow swallowtale butterflies add their colour to the pink and green.
We have a male turkey with a couple of hens who frequent the area and we should be seeing some baby gobblers soon.
It is rather humid today.  My husband is working on the area where the garage is to be built and I am getting ready to go to quilt group.
Tomorrow, I will post the first Block of the Month.

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