Friday, June 11, 2010

Pets and Vacations

It is a lovely morning here in the backwoods.  The sun is shining and there is no indication of rain.  I am getting the rest of the laundry done so I can hang it out.  I did a little yesterday and it did dry but I was on alert all day. This is certainly the time of year for holidays.  Both of my sisters are coming from England for a visit-one in June the other July.  A lady in our quilt group is on a cruise and we expect her back soon.  A number of my virtual friends are also cruising, camping and travelling.  All of them, as far as I know, have left their pets at home. Others like my husband and I have tried including their furry family members in their plans.
 Lori, a follower of this blog, shared a pet adventure that she and her husband experienced.  They had taken their adorable calico cat, Missy with them in their motorhome.  It got cool through the night and the furnace came on startling poor Missy who, in full panic mode, jumped onto Lori's husband.  As sleep didn't seem to be an option, they came home.  Missy now has her own little sleep area in the motorhome which seems to have solved the problem.
We took our cat, Tascha with us on holidays once when she was a kitten.  She loved being in the vehicle and, in fact, often went with me for drives.  However, this was rather a long trip and poor Tascha began to feel the effects of motion sickness.  She curled up on the floor by my feet and just drooled buckets of foam.  She never did get over that so we had to leave her at home when we travelled any distance.  I realize now that I could have given her something to help.
My friend, Tara, did give her two cats some medication to help on a trip but they fought it off until they were back home where they promptly fell asleep.
Just goes to prove, that pets, like children are just going to be themselves.

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