Friday, April 28, 2017

Draw Announcement

Bad week for regular posting.  Last night, we had a nasty wind storm with thunder and lightning which made the hydro flicker on and off.  We turned off the computer and television and watched the light show for a while. 
Some areas to the south lost their hydro and it was still out later today.  This was the result of the last storm we had as well and it rather odd for this area.  Usually we are the ones to have to light candles and bring in alternate power sources.
There wasn't any mishaps except for a sheet of metal that covered one of the woodpiles taking flight and putting a nasty scratch on my car.
I have mentioned a couple of times about an upcoming draw.  It will start next week.  There will be two draws.  One is for those who are signed up as followers of this blog and the other, which will be mentioned on my Facebook page is for anyone.  If you are a follower, you can enter both.
The blog settings will be changed next week so only followers can reply/enter.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Moss in Bloom

Spring is Finally Here and I Can Sit Outside

April Island Batik Project
I  missed posting yesterday because I had a mishap at quilting on Monday.  I can't figure out how it happened but while doing something at the machine, I was amazed to find that the needle had gone through my index finger.  It took a few seconds to figure out what to do but then we raised the needle-and my finger, undid the screw to free the needle and clipped the thread which now hung from my finger.  My initial idea was just to pull it all out but one of the woman who used to be a paramedic said I needed to go to the clinic.  So, off we went.  I got amazing care and while that was happening the quilt ladies packed up my stuff as well as the woman who stayed with me and put it in  my car.  When that friend had to leave another arrived and drove me home after going over to my car to get my sewing machine.
I wasn't able to use the pc as typing was difficult.  I am still having to go over what I have written as I either add spaces or leave out letters.  I returned to the clinic today and had my finger checked.  No one can believe that I neither have had any pain (except when the needle came out), bleeding, bruising or infection.  The needle just missed the bone and that too was amazing.  So, if you are going to have a dreaded sewing machine accident, my version is the best.
The photos are self explanatory.  I included them in case you didn't want to read the details of my adventure.  I was surprised to find that the receptionist as the doctor's office couldn't look at my finger.  I guess, as a quilter, I don't find needles, no matter where they are, a big deal.

Friday, April 21, 2017

What Are You Making This Weekend?

Another drizzly day but it is warm in the house.  Before I get into todays post, I would like to pass on a thought from Karen, a regular reader in response to yesterdays blog on pillowcases.  She mentioned that she made flannelette pillowcases for her Grandmother and how much the older lady enjoyed the softness.  A great idea if you decide to make cases for a hospice.
I finished the place mats today and they have gone on to their new home.  I now need to get at this months Island Batik project.  We are to make a quilt using applique and I have had a bit of a problem coming up with an idea but think I have one now. I don't have a lot of time to get it done but it shouldn't take to long.  Also have this month article for the Quilt Pattern Magazine to finish.
Some areas are getting a lot of flooding.  Our driveway still have a good bit of water in the lower area but it is going down.  Of course, if it would quit raining, it would go a lot faster.
Have a great weekend.  If you are quilter, I would love to have you share a photo of what you made.  Stay tuned for a draw which will happen next month. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pillowcase Blessings.

Quilters are wonderful.  I have been searching for 5.5 inch square of fabric to finish my granddaughters quilt and had just about come to the conclusion it wasn't going to happen.  I was considering some other options when I was contacted by a lady on a Facebook group.  She has the fabric.  Yahoo. 
While waiting for it to arrive, I am making some place mats as a gift. 
I noticed something the other day when watching the news which I will pass on as you may be looking for another charity project.  The item was about a Hospice centre and I noticed that the pillows on the bed were very colourful.  What a wonderful way to add a bit of cheer to a person's last days.  We have a wonderful hospice in this area and I think I will contact them to see if they will accept pillowcases.  Pediatric wards might be another place. A quick and easy way to bless someone.
We had 3 wild turkeys in our yard this morning.  Haven't seen any here for quite a while so it was good to see they had returned.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


I finally have my income tax done and submitted.  It is usually sent in long before now.  In fact, I have usually spent my return before this date.  This was just one of those things that kept getting put off but once I got started it was done, thanks to a program, very quickly.

I am sure, if you are a quilter, you are familiar with most, if not all, of these quilting short forms.  These were part of Quilting Concessions blog and, as there were a few that I hadn't seen before, I thought I would share.

WISP—Work In Slow Progress

SABLE—Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy

PhD—Projects Half Done

STASH—Special Treasures All Secretly Hidden

UFO—Unfinished Objects

PIGS—Projects in Grocery Sacks

HIPS—Hundreds of Ideas Piling Skyward

WOMBAT—Waste of Money, Batting and Time—my fav, I have a few!

TGIF—Thank God It’s Finished

WHIMM—Works Hidden in My Mind

FOB—Fear of Binding

CRAFT—Can’t Remember a Flipping Thing (Cynthia’s favourite)

PIPS—Projects in Process

PITS—Projects in Totes

TOAD—Trashed Object Abandoned in Disgust

WWIT—What Was I Thinking

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fabric Needed

This is frustrating.  I am just finishing up my granddaughter's quilt and discovered that I am short a 5.5 inch square of fabric.  I have looked everywhere and cannot find another bit tat will work.  I will probably switch the colour on the top row but am hoping someone has a bit somewhere.
Just on the off chance you might have a bit, I have included a photo.  I bought it at Fabricland.  The colour shown is accurate.  The largest flower is under a half inch wide.  I only need that square but if you have more and want to get rid of it, I will take it.  There isn't any info on the side selvage.

It has been another lovely day and I went for a long walk, helped hubby take the sap buckets from the trees and then just sat outside for a while.  Hope you had a good holiday weekend.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Cutter Review

Our bird feeder has really been busy the past couple of days.  They must know that this is going to be the last time I am filling it.  In addition to the usual chickadees, sparrows and other little brown birds we have also had redpolls, finch and a starling.
I expect that the bears will be coming out of hibernation soon, if they aren't already, and feeders are always a draw.  We rarely see a bear on our property although they are in the area.  We work on the principal that the animals were here first and, as long as they don't because a nuisance or attack our chickens, they are free to come and go as they wish. Our responsibility is to make sure we don't do anything to contribute to them being a problem.
Hubby decided to do another day of boiling sap as the pails filled up again.  He has been out all day and I have been a good wife taking him food and drinks.  Heidi and I went for a walk mid day and then I did a bit of work in the garden although it is really not dry enough yet to do much.  I am planning on hanging my laundry on the line tomorrow.  I am tempted to wash all the sheets and towels just to get that lovely outdoor smell again.
In between all that, I have made good progress on my granddaughter's quilt.  I almost have the blocks sewn into rows.  I might not get them finished tomorrow as I have a couple of sewing jobs to do for neighbour's. 
I almost forgot to mention that my Fiskar's rotary cutter/ruler combo came today.  I did a few test cuts with it and I think I am going to really like it.  It is certainly easy to use and much easier on the hands than the regular rotary cutter.  It is called Rotary Cutter and Ruler Combo if you would like to check it out.  This one is made specifically for fabric.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tomorrow is Another Day


It doesn't seem that long ago that I could spend a whole day driving without showing any effect.  Now, a couple of hours tires me out.  We went to North Bay this afternoon (an hour away) for hubby's last doctor's appointment from his hip replacement.  It was basically just there and back with  just a bit more than an hour for the appointment, some shopping and going to Timmy's but I am tired.  I also had a meeting in the morning so that didn't help. The weather was a bit nasty for the drive up but not as bad as a normal winter day.
In any case, I am glad to be back home, supper over and cleaned away and ready for a relaxing evening.  I was going to do a bit of quilting but I don't think I could see to sew when I am yawning this much.  Tomorrow is another day as Scarlett would say.
The photo is an old one but I was looking at it the other day and remember how sweet our little dog was when she was a pup.  She is still sweet but now she has a bit of an attitude sometimes.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Who is in Control?

I am not sure who was walking whom but Heidi and I were able to get out for a nice stroll through the bush today.  I am not sure that 'stroll' is the right word.  Clamber might be a better one.  Now that most of the snow is gone, I can climb up and down all the slopes which makes for very good exercise in a short area.  Heidi made sure my arms also got a workout.  She was excited about all the new smells and was pulling in all directions.  I had to keep giving her a sharp reminder that there was an older two legged human on the other end of the leash.  She was trying to dash through shrubs and over rocks and fallen trees and I was just trying to stay on my feet.  She is usually more considerate and became so today finally when I made her sit and then shortened the leash.  She got the idea.
I have been working on my granddaughter's quilt.  I have 10 more blocks to go and then can start sewing the rows together.  She is going to love the colours.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Another Windy Day

We had one of those late spring days when winter popped back into say it wasn't finished yet.  The snow that started yesterday continued overnight and the accumulation added up to 3 or 4 inches.  The wind howled all night and didn't run out of air until after lunch.  However, other than not being able to go for a walk in case a tree fell, we didn't have any problems.  Other areas were not as fortunate.  School buses stayed off the road over a good part of this province and there were power outages to the south of us.
Tomorrow all will be forgiven as the sun and warmer temperatures return.
I did make a short video of our swaying trees but it isn't being cooperative and loading onto the PC.
After the mandatory housework, I spent the day working on my new quilt pattern.  It is a bit tricky in places but I think that will just add a bit of interest and challenge to an otherwise simple design. 
Tomorrow, I am off to do my shopping and will try and find a centre panel for my granddaughter's quilt.
If you were in an area that lost power, I hope it is restored now and you are all set to enjoy the weekend.

I forgot to welcome those of you that just joined as followers of the site.  Thank you for taking the time to read my posts and I hope you find some of my ramblings interesting.  I appreciate all of you who have been faithful readers over the years.  I am planning on having a little draw later in the month so stay tuned.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Runner Set Finished

I finished my runner/place mat set today.  There are 4 place mats that coordinate with the table runner and I am also going to do 4 coasters.  This was a kit from Connecting Threads and they provided enough extra fabric that I was able to do the mats and coasters.
You may have noticed a link to my web page on this site.  I am completely redoing it.  I have been using the site to advertising the patterns I have for sale but as they are also on Craftsy, I have decided my web page might be better used to show the quilts that I am selling.  I will let you know when it is ready to be seen.  You can go to it right now but there isn't much on it.
In addition to finishing the runner set, I also started another quilt using one of my patterns.  This is a new one that has been buzzing around in my brain for a while.  It is one that can be completed in a couple of days and only uses 4 fabrics.
The weather was dreadful today.  I had planned on driving to town to do some grocery shopping but decided that it wasn't a good idea.  I did go into the village as I had to get a couple of things and that was enough of a challenge.  The roads were slushy and slippery.  It was snowing, raining all at the same time and combined with ice pellets.  Fun!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Magic Quilt


Lizbeth had been feverish and coughing for three days and her mother was exhausted to the point of collapse.  She had been up and down the stairs to tend to her daughter more times than she could count.  Taking her temperatures, bringing soup to eat, helping her to the bathroom, tucking her in; the list of things her 6 year old needed seemed endless.  All this had to be done while looking after the other two children, trying to get some of the housework done and get meals for the rest of the family.  The biggest problem was that Lizbeth wanted her mother to stay with her.  She wanted the comfort of her mother's presence.  As Dorothy wearily climbed the stairs one more time she wondered how her mother had coped with all her children.  And then she remembers: the quilt.  She went to the cabinet in the guest room and pulled out the quilt that had belonged to her mother and took it into her daughter.  "Lizbeth, I have something special for you.  This used to be Grandma's quilt and she would tuck it around me when I was a little girl.  See all the hearts?  It is a love quilt and it is going to make you feel all warm and cozy and loved so you can get better.'  She tucked the quilt around her little girl and watched as she snuggled deep into her bed with a smile on her face.  "I feel better already Mommy.  It really is a magic quilt."

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Free Patterns and Showing Appreciation

As you know, I love scrap quilts.  Most of the ones I make are from my own designs but there are also a lot of wonderful patterns from other quilters.  I recently was give a link to a site that has amazing patterns-many of them free.
Before I pass on the link, I would like to share a thought.  I know only too well the hours of work it takes to design and perfect a pattern.  It is amazing that after all that effort that the pattern is offered without charge.  I encourage you, if you use these free patterns, to support the designer by purchasing one as well.  You will benefit by helping to keep the free designs available and the designer benefits by making a bit of money.  I would also like to suggest that you send a photo of the quilt you made using someone else's pattern.  I always appreciate seeing someone else's interpretation of my creation.
Here is the link:

It has been a rainy day and I have been busy keeping the wood stove stoked.  Have also got my place mats quilted and the binding on the runner.  Another project almost done.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Everything Finished.

This quilt has been  hanging around (pardon the pun) for quite a while waiting for me to do the binding.  I got that finished today.  It certainly doesn't come close to being perfect; the binding is friendly (wavy) and the quilting not consistent but it is done.  I used this to practice  freehand           quilting styles and each of the white blocks is done in a different pattern.
I have had quite a productive day. in addition to that quilt,  I turned 5 left over blocks into hot pads and I just have to add binding to 3 of them and they are finished.  Tomorrow, I quilt a table runner and 4 matching placemats and I will have reduced my WIP (work in progress) pile .  There are two more items -a wall hanging and a runner, that are being destitched.  I am working on those when I watch television.Then I can quilt them again, hopefully, better than the last time.
I addition to the quilting, I finished and sent in, a 1000 word article that I was asked to write for the area's tourism guide.  It has been a busy month but, with a new one starting tomorrow, I can rest knowing I have finished everything.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Walking the Snow Banks

I have been getting the studio ready for my virtual retreat weekend.  Our on line group, hearts2hands, decided it was time for another.  I am going to be turning some left over blocks into hot pads that will be donated to a fundraiser for cancer patients in our area.  Am also going to get the binding added to some quilts that have been finished for some time and then will sandwich and quilt the runner and placemat set that I did a while ago.  That should keep me busy for most of the weekend.
I am focusing on getting some of the items that have been sitting around for a while done and out the door.  Most will be given to a charity and others are a gift.  Then I can start on some new projects.
It was sunny and warm again today and I decided to go for a walk in the morning before the ground softened into mud.  Heidi likes to walk on the snow banks on the side of the road which helps keep her clean but she still needed her tummy and feet wiped when we got back.
We had a friend here for a couple of days as she was doing a presentation in a city an hour north of us.  It was nice having some time to catch up, go for a walk and sit outside enjoying the sun.  Tuesday evening we went into the village to hear a couple give a talk and demonstration on the Passover.  On the way back, hubby put on  an old country gospel cd  and we all sang the songs on the drive home.  A fun time.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

March Madness.

I completely finished my March mini madness foundation pieced block on the weekend.  I added the border strips, topstitched and then turned it into a cushion cover.  This is another Island Batik project and you can see all the other projects and read the blogs by clicking on the links below.  Some ladies have free tutorials and patterns so be sure to check them all.
My star is from a Carol Doak pattern.  I really like her patterns as they are easy to follow and well designed but not boring.  I am not a big fan of foundation piecing (sometimes called paper piecing) but making this cushion cover using Island Batik fabrics made it fun.  I used Superior threads Fantistico to do the top stitching which added a nice bit of sheen to the stitches.

Nan from Purrfect Spots Designs
Turid from Den Syende Himmel
Stephanie from Quilt’n Party
Pamela from Pamela Quilts
Anna from Ark Angel Creations
Kathy from Kathy’s Kwilts and More
Jessica from Desert Bloom Quilting
Connie from Freemotion by the River
Kate from Seams Like a Dream
Sharon from Yellow Cat Quilt Designs
Tina from Quilting Affection Designs
Jennifer from The Inquiring Quilter
Barb from Bejeweled Quilts
Sally from Sally’s Quilting Corner
Jeanette from Inch Worm Fabrics
Connie from Kauffman Designs
Joan from Moosestash Quilting
Bernadine from Needle and Foot
Bea from Beaquilter
Cheryl from Cheryl Lynch Quilts
Maryellen from Mary Mack’s Blog
Joyce from Hearts Creations
Marlene from Kissed Quilts
Karen from The Quilt Rambler
Marian from Seams to be Sew
Laura from Slice of Pi Quilts
Linda from Inspired Layers
Vicki from Vicki’s Crafts and Quilting
Nancy from Masterpiece Quilting
Carol from FunThreads Designs
Terri from Meanderings Along Lizard Creek
Alison from Little Bunny Quilts
Suzy from Adventurous Applique and Quilting
Jean-Sophie from Sophie Junction
Janet from Whispers of Yore

Friday, March 24, 2017


Am I the only one who thinks the attention span of customer service people is getting shorter?  Particularly those in the fast food industry. When I order a tea, I usually say black tea, medium, leave the bag in, please, and it is to go.  The reply?  Anything in it? No, black please.  What size?  Medium. Here or to go? .
I know they have to punch it in and I know they are trying to be accurate but, really, could at least a couple of things that I said not be remembered? I have resorted to just standing there and replying to questions.  Less frustrating and quicker in the long run.
Maybe I am just getting old and grumpy but I sometimes feel that people (to quote my hubby) aren't getting their fair share of oxygen.
On a cheerier note: I finished another small project today and started on another.  They are both made with Island Batik fabrics.  Cheers a person up just looking at them. I also got a good start on the magazine article that has to be sent in by the end of the month.  I really do work better with a deadline looming.
I have mentioned previously that I am a member of the Burk's Falls Art and Crafts Centre.  We have a Facebook page and if you would like to see some wonderful fibre arts, creations in glass, paintings and many other items that will gladden the heart, take a peek.
For some reason, our rail fence seems to be attracting critters lately.  A few days ago the owl I photographed landed in a tree beside it.  This evening, a pair of deer were peering over the rails.  I didn't see them quickly enough to grab my camera unfortunately.
We have been getting a mixture of weather today.  It was raining in the morning which turned into freezing rain, back to rain which froze again and, finally, snow.  We have a few inches added onto the ice.  It does look pretty and we hadn't planned on going anywhere so we were snug.  I felt bad for those who were out on the roads though.  Many people in this area drive quite a distance to get to work.  Didn't see or hear of any collisions so I hope everyone made it safely back home.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Face Time?

I'm weary.  I keep waking up around 4 a.m. and not getting back to sleep for a couple of hours.  Of course, I then sleep in and drag around for the rest of the day.  I did get some quilting done today but not too much more than that.  I have been finishing up the last bits of getting my programs signed up with windows 10.  I still have EQ to do but haven't the mental patience right now.
I did get out for a walk this afternoon although the driveway was really muddy.  I tried to keep Heidi away from the muck as much as possible but she still came home with dirty feet and tummy.
We are supposed to be getting another day or so of nasty weather and I have a couple of friends that are heading east.  It has to be done but it isn't the best time of year for travelling.
Have any of you used Face Time instead of Skype for on line communicating?  One of my sister's was telling me about it and suggested I check it out.  We do a lot of internet chatting with our grandchildren as well as my family that are in England. The time lag is irritating and it would be nice if there was a way to not have it.
If you are on the roads tomorrow, stay safe.  Slow down and increase your following distance so you can get to your destination safely.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Computer is Back Home

I picked my computer up from the village today and got it hooked up again.  It is working great after its tune -up and installation of more RAM.  Took me a bit of time learning a few new features as he did a clean install of Windows 10.  Haven't got my EQ back in yet nor figured out how to add my blog to the start menu.  Nice to have my old girl back though.
We had a bit of a problem getting down our driveway this morning as a tree had blown down across it through he night.  I heard the crash but thought it was just the house snapping in the cold.  I had to pull the tree out of the way while hubby drove past and then repeat when we came home.  He went down and cut it up after that.
 This horned owl was sitting just outside the studio window watching for the squirrels that are all over the yard picking up fallen bird seed.  He stayed there for quite a long time so I was able to get this photo.  I had to crop it down quite a bit as he blended in perfectly with the background.
I have loaded another top onto my frame.  It was finished quite a while ago so I thought it was time to get it done.  I am doing ruler work on it and this is the first time I have done that.  Bit shaky but getting there.  The flag banner was completed last night.  This is a free pattern from Monica Curry Quilt Designs and available on Craftsy.  It is well designed and a great project for Canada's 150.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Happy Quilting Day Two

I finished my foundation pieced block today and now will turn it into a pillow cover.  The photo is a bit fuzzy as I took it with my tablet.  I will do one with the camera when it is completed.  This was going to be my Island Batik project for this month but I have decided to do something else.  I am in a mini frame of mind.
Today I finished sewing the outer borders on a top and should get the rest done tomorrow and ready for quilting. .  I need to do a bit of practising on my frame before I load this as I haven't used it in a while.
It was lovely and sunny again today so I was able to go for my walk in the bush.  It was slippery in spots and the snow was soft in others but, all in all, enjoyable.  I kept my eye out for branches that might have been knocked loose during the recent heavy winds.  I didn't want one bonking either eye or the dog.  We both were on the lookout for a mink that had been spotted around the hen house earlier.  Heidi had raised the alarm and hubby was out tapping the trees and saw it slinking around.  The coop is secure but those creatures don't need a lot of space to wiggle its way into trouble.
Got some flower and herb seeds started in unneeded egg cartons and made a large pot of stew so I could legitimately claim that I hadn't quilted all day.  Most of it but not all.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ah, Quilting at Last

Today is the first full day I have had of quilting at home in over two weeks and I am happy, happy, happy.  I have been working on my March Island Batik challenge.  This month we are to make something using foundation piecing and it has to be less than 20 inches square.  I like minis so that part was easy.  Deciding what to do was a bit more difficult.  I settled on one of Carol Doak's stars.  Her patterns are well designed with enough challenge to keep it interesting.
It has been very windy here.  I was hoping to get outside for my walk but the driveway is too icy and I didn't want to have a tree branch blow down on me or the dog so I stayed inside and bounced on my mini trampoline for a bit.
I can't remember if I mentioned this previously but I have signed up for the Google Business site.  This is quite easy to do and does help in promoting a business.  I am planning on doing a tutorial some time in the future.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Furry Friday

Today is Furry Friday.  As you know, I am a proud Ambassador for Island Batik fabrics and, this year, they are adding their support to Pet Finders and the Kennel Quilt project.  If you haven't heard about this worthwhile organization, you can read all about them at:  This link will also tell you about the Virtual Kennel Quilt retreat.  If you have never been on a virtual retreat, check it out.  They are so much fun.

In addition to promoting Kennel Quilts, Island Batik is also bringing attention to some animals that need forever homes.  Here are two of them.  If interested, please click on the link.
Catnine -
Catnine lived a hard life before she was saved by Zeus' Rescues in New Orleans: Both her leg and her jaw had been broken. Still, she adores people, and she's ready for a loving home that will help her heal!
June -
This gentle, housetrained 6-year-old gal is comfortable around adults, children and other dogs, and even lived happily with a gecko! She's waiting for a new family at Animal Care Centers of NYC in Manhattan.

These pets are in the United States but there many in shelters here in Canada who are just waiting to give you unconditional love.  I know this from experience.  When hubby and I married, he knew how much I loved dogs and cats.  Unfortunately, he is allergic to both.  I accepted that we wouldn't be able to have a pet but every time we went for a walk I stopped to talk to all the ones we passed.  Just before Valentine's Day he said we would get a cat and, if necessary, he would take medication.  (Have I mentioned how wonderful he is?) The next day, which was Valentine's, we heard a cat meowing.  We went outside and there, huddled  under the tarp that covered our motorcycles, was a tiny white cat.  We brought her in and gave her some food and a blanket to lay on.  For the next few days, we tried to locate his owners.  When it was obvious, that he had been abandoned we got him neutered and inoculated.  We had him for 18 years and he was truly the most wonderful cat I have ever owned.  When we decided to move to Ontario, we knew, at his age, he probably wouldn't survive the move and the confinement that the construction period involved.  The very difficult decision was made to put him to sleep.  I still miss him.  His ashes, picture and collar are on my dresser.  Another copy of the picture is beside my compute
I already posted the photo of the Kennel Quilts I made but just in case you missed them, here they are again. Because there isn't a shelter in our area, I made these little quilts and donated them to a group that provides veterinary care to animals in need.
You can read this week's weeks bloggers by clicking on the links below.  PamelaQuilts is a new Ambassador and she is from Norway.  I know you will want to read about her country.
Purrfect Spots

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Where oh Where is my Brain?

It appears that allergy season has arrived for me.  It is quite early this year but I guess the melting snow has triggered something.  My brain has felt like it went on a vacation today and forgot to take me.  This isn't a good thing when you are handling dangerous tools like a sewing machine or rotary cutter.  I was trying to be extra careful while at a friends house where we meet once a month to quilt. 
We were at the last stages of the quilt tops  and I was piecing stripes for the inner border.  After I added the last section for the first side, I removed it from the machine to check for length and that is when I discovered that I had neatly sewn the two ends together making a circle! It is easier for the deer to move around when we have less snow but it isn't fun for me.
I managed to get that border on without further problem and then quit.  It was almost time to leave so I thought it best to not push on any further.  I will have to recheck what I have done when I get a minute just to make sure I have sewn anything on backwards.
We had a real windstorm last night.  It woke us up a number of times and I fully expected the hydro to go out from a downed tree or the shingles to leave their appointed place.  However, we made it to the morning without problem.  The wind continued to make itself felt throughout the day but not as fiercely as before.  Parts of the United States were affected far more drastically.  If you are in one of those areas, I hope you came through safely.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cheese Curds

It has been very windy today.  My little car was tossed around like a raft on the ocean when I went into the village this morning.  I expect it was much worse on the highway and, in fact, a truck blew over on its side on the Burlington Skyway bridge.  I am always concerned about my son on these days as he drives transport.  It isn't only driving the work vehicle that can be hazardous but the long drive to and from work as well.
Tonight is movie night.  Every so often we will have our neighbour friends over to watch a movie and eat popcorn.  I am not a big movie fan but I just make sure I have some hand quilting to do.  I don't eat popcorn either  so I get my own little treat.  Today, I went to one of our little specialty shops and got some dill seasoned cheese curds.  They are really good.  It is amazing the different things a person can buy if they take the time to look around.
If you were on the road today, I hope all your wheels stayed on the road.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Grey Day

If you like grey you would have loved today's weather.  It has been foggy and rainy all day.  We went to Huntsville (our nearest good sized community) to grocery shop and kept our coat hoods up as we dashed through the rain to the stores.  It turned out to be a great day to shop as there were some fabulous sales on fresh fruits and vegetables.  I was able to stock up and will dice and chop and freeze when I have a moment.
Shopping was done just in time for lunch so we went to a restaurant and had  good sized meal so I didn't have to make supper later.   We were a bit concerned about the state of our road and parking area because it had been quite icy when we left.  The driveway was fine but we could have skated everywhere else so I stayed on the side of the path in the snow and got the ashes which hubby spread around.  We then were able to get all the bags in safely, get everything put away and have a cup of tea.  I was even able to get some sewing done in the afternoon.
Tomorrow is the Art Centre's business meeting and then a couple of other members and I are getting together to go over a grant application.  Ugh.  But it has to be done.
Hope your day was a bit more exciting.

Friday, March 3, 2017

A Bed for Max

I got some quilting done today.  I finished this little dog mat for a friend's son's dog.  The top photo is the front.  I doubled the batting so it is poufy and there is no binding so little Max won't get his toenails caught. 
It has been another cold and sunny day but I finally got outside for a walk.  I wanted to go through the bush but kept falling through the snow crust every so often so I opted for the road again.  I didn't stay out long as I hadn't put on Heidi's booties but it was good to get some fresh air.  While out, I started the car and filled up the bird feeders. Another fun filled day!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Nice Day

It was cool today but the sun was brilliant.  I had a meeting about half an hour further into the country and the drive was lovely.  Another lady and I were meeting with the president of our art group to discuss some marketing strategies for the group. I hadn't been to her house before and, when I got there, I was sorry I hadn't brought my camera.  She lives on a beautiful piece of property with a hill rising to one side and fields stretching as far as you could see to the back.  Her house is a lovely squared timber.  Our discussion was accompanied by pie and coffee (tea in my case) which always makes conversation easier.
The other lady had picked me up so I didn't have to figure out where I was going which made the journey far more relaxing for me as I have a tendency to get lost.  It was hubby's turn to get supper tonight so I did a bit more sewing after I got home as well as some work on the computer.  I am making some place mats to go with the table runner that I just finished.  The runner was a kit I purchased from Connecting Threads and they provided enough fabric that I am able to do the mats with the left overs. All in all, a nice day,

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Canadian Values

I am writing an article for our area tourism guide about the Burk's Falls jamboree which takes place each year.  This morning I interviewed the two men who created the event.  It was a pleasure hearing that their vision was to promote the area, local artists and the genre and will continue to do so for as long as possible.  This is not a venture where they will get rich and, in fact, breaking even is considered to be successful.
There are  many (although not enough) who consider helping others to be a priority.  At a time when it seems to be increasingly common to be nasty, protectionist and self serving, we need to be even more focused on what is important.
Is someone wearing a head covering as part of a uniform (a recent cause of much vitriolic comment on Facebook) more worthy of our concern than children committing suicide or not having a home?  People often use the excuse that we getting away from Canadian 'values' as the justification for hatred.  They forget our laws and values are based on such things as the ten commandment's and the golden rule. 
Treat others as you would have them treat you is still the best guide for our actions.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Needles Finished.

We had another storm on Friday with the hydro going out for a little bit.  I disconnected the computer and sewing machine once again and worked on some hand quilting.  Saturday, everything was back to normal, or so we thought.  Later in the day, we found that our phone was out and it didn't come back into service until mid afternoon today.  There must have been a number of lines down.
I don't especially miss the phone as a lot of my communication is done via email and, of course, we have cell phones. We don't have great coverage for the latter here so we do need a land line for normal use.
Little Heidi got her last needle today for her yearly check up.  She gets ill if she has all the shots together so, even though it means two trips to another community, it is worth it.
I have almost finished the table runner top and am now sewing the rows together.  It is much prettier than I first thought when cutting out the fabric.  I think I will use the pattern again perhaps for a small lap quilt.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


I have been working on a table runner kit today .  It is pretty basic and is giving me a mental break while I decide what I want to do next.  I have also been applying some of the information that I learnt yesterday at the conference.  A lot of it has just been doing searches of various sites that help small business owners and things you can add to the social media that you are already using.
We had a thunderstorm early this morning and the hydro went out for a few moments.  Can't believe we had thunder and lightening in February.  It has been rainy and foggy all day and I am getting tired of not being able to get out for my walk.  I am doing my stretching exercises and bouncing on the mini trampoline but it isn't the same.  It has either been too wet or too slippery all week.
We have a freezing rain warning for tomorrow which I hope doesn't happen.  I have a quick meeting in the morning and then was hoping to be able to pop into Huntsville for a bit of shopping.

Saw this picture on line a while ago and thought it was really cute.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Good Opportunity

I have had a tiring but productive day.    Our local Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Committee sponsored a conference on marketing and, even though I dislike meetings, I went so I could gain information that would help me in promoting our Art and Crafts Centre.  I am the chair of publicity and marketing is part of that.  I did learn quite a bit and will be able to apply it to my own business.
We are fortunate in this area to have a lot of these opportunities although they are not usually well attended.  Part of the problem might be that they (or this one anyway) was held during business hours but probably most people just don't feel they are worth the time spent.
The attendance at this one bore out the statistics for job creation: nearly all the businesses represented were run by women and they were the sole employee.  There were only 3 men, 2 of them were presenters and one had just started a new business.  I think he gained a lot of information that was going to be helpful to him plus he offer of donated items that would help him.
Tomorrow, when my brain is functioning again I will start applying some of the things I learnt.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Keeping Pets Comfortable

My Kennel Quilts
I love animals.  There have been very few times in my life when I haven't had either a dog or a cat and usually both.  If you are a regular reader, you know that my current fur child is a white westiepoo (West Highland Terrier/Poodle cross) who adds a great deal of joy to our lives.
It hurts me to know that not all animals are as well cared for as mine and I do what I can to help alleviate that situation.  This month, Island Batik fabrics  gave the Ambassadors the challenge of making some little mats that can be used in crates to make them more comfortable.  We often hear on the news of people being evacuated from their homes because of natural disasters but we sometimes forget that many of those people have pets.  Agencies such as the SPCA provide care and housing for them until things return to normal.  These pets are usually kept in crates during this time. 
The Kennel Quilts donated to the Petfinder Foundation are passed onto the needed areas.  Here in Canada, many went to assist the pets
owned by those evacuated in the dreadful Fort McMurray fire.
If you are a quilter, consider making some mats to donate to your shelter to make the animals more comfortable while waiting for their forever home. Here is a link to a Canadian guild that will give information on how to make the quilts.

I am so pleased that Island Batik ( has added their support to animals in distress.  I hope you like my little mats.  They were machine pieced and appliqued.  The binding was done entirely by machine as well to make them extra sturdy.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Kennel Quilts.

As I mentioned yesterday, my fabric arrived and, along with it, a lovely selection of thread from Superior and Aurifil.  I am just finishing up my doggie mats which will be donated to a local charity which provides veterinary care for animals.
The Island Batik Ambassador's have had two challenges this month  One was a small Valentine themed project and the other was for the Kennel Quilt project.
This project was started to provide small mats for dogs or cats that were being kept in kennels after a natural disaster.  Check out the link to learn more about this worthwhile endeavour.  As we don't have a need in this area, and the postage is very high to send the amount of mats I have made, I made the decision to give to another animal related need.
We are supposed to get well into the plus side of the thermometer tomorrow which should reduce some of the snow accumulation.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

My Fabric Has Arrived.

Today was a lovely day partly because we didn't get any snow but mainly because I got to quilt with two of my friends.  We have been getting together once a month to each work on the same pattern and it has been a wonderful break for us.  The other two ladies have elderly parents and that combined with the usual life events makes for some stressful days.  One of the mothers died recently so we missed the month of January and Christmas was too busy so today was extra special.  We almost have our tops finished and have chosen our next project.
My box of beautiful Island Batik fabrics arrived today so I will be posting a photo of the goodies tomorrow. 
A lady on my one line quilt group (hands 2hearts) shared a video on mitred binding that was taught by Ricky Timms.  He has quite a unique method and I thought you might find it interesting so have included the link.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

And Still it Snows

It is still snowing here is beautiful Almaguin Highlands.  Our driveway was ploughed on Saturday and then again yesterday and, I suspect, at least once more this week.  I took Heidi for a walk earlier being careful to make sure she was wearing her booties and coat  trying to reduce the amount of snow sticking to her hair.  Didn't work.  She still had to be dumped into the kitchen sink when we got back.
If you had trouble accessing the free pattern I shared with you on Friday, go to my web page:, Free Stuff and then click download on  Two Hearts United.  I had some problems with Craftsy.  It is sorted out now but my web site is the easiest and you may find some other patterns you like.
My sympathies to those in the eastern Provinces who are really experiencing a bad snow all-some areas up to 3 feet.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Free Pattern.

I received notice today that my shipment of Island Batik fabrics is on its way.
It  will probably take a week or so as it comes from the U.S.  but I am spending the time getting ready.  I like to keep all the goodies in a separate place so I have to get a drawer cleaned out. 
I also finished my Valentine's Island Batik project using fabric left over from last year.  I have called it Two Hearts Make One.  The pattern is below.

To make this little quilt, you will need four 10" squares and two 5". A couple of the larger squares should be contrasting colours. For the backing, you will need two 11 X 11 or if you want to self bind as I did, 12" X 12" will work.  Batting and matching thread will complete the materials list.
Set two of the 10" squares aside for the background.  Fold each of the  two contrasting 10" squares in half and cut half a heart shape from each.  Note:  remember the fold is the centre of the heart.
Repeat this step with the 5" squares.
Cut the large hearts in half on the fold line.  Sew half of one heart to the half of one cut from a different fabric.  Press seam to one side. 
Place heart in centre of background square and stitch around it with a narrow satin stitch.  Place small heart centred over the large one.  Note: do not cut small heart.
Stitch around small heart.  Repeat with remaining squares.  Layer top, batting and backing and quilt.  I stitched around the two hearts but you might want to do something fancier. Trim if necessary and bind.
You can use this pattern to make a larger quilt using each heart square as a block.
The complete pattern including heart templates will be available on Craftsy as a free download.  I will let you know when I have it uploaded.

We got more snow again today but it is supposed to be warm enough tomorrow for some of it to melt.  Of course, that also means our driveway will be slushy and difficult to navigate.  We are going into the village tomorrow as our welcome centre, which has new ownership, is having is official opening.  Cake and other cookies beguile us from our rural retreat.
Our neighbours called this afternoon to see if we could run over and see to their goats.  They had all been delayed in a meeting an hour north of us.  They have a dairy herd of mini goats and they are just like puppies-playful and friendly.  Of course, our dog was interested in the new scent on our clothes when we got home.
Have a good weekend.  If you make the pattern, I would love to see  your version.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

One Done and Another on the Way.

I got in a good day of quilting.  I finished making the blocks for my granddaughters quilt this morning although it was quite cool in the studio.  I had to turn the electric fireplace on for a bit.  I don't like to use it in the day time because of the cost of electricity.  However, it was either that or try to sew while wrapped in a blanket.  I still have 8 more blocks to make for that quilt but as I might put a panel in the centre I am leaving them for a while.
I also got the top finished for the little Valentine's mug mat I am making from some of my Island Batik fabric.  This is the free pattern I am going to share with you.  I expect to post it tomorrow evening. 
Heidi and I bundled up and went for a quick walk later in the afternoon.  There were a lot of deer tracks on the driveway and I noticed one of them seemed to be dragging its hoof a bit.  Not sure if it has a problem but it looks like it.  We will keep an eye out not there is much we can do.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Who Are You?

It has been a busy day.  We had our art group meeting this morning and then I met hubby and we went shopping.  By the time we got home and put everything away, it was time for supper.  Why is it you can buy a vehicle full of groceries and still not have anything for a meal?  I made grilled cheese with tomato soup.
Tomorrow, I hope to have the last of the blocks made for my granddaughters quilt and then I can work on my Island Batik project.  I know what I am making and when it is finished I will have a pattern for you.  A little freebie to thank you for reading and supporting me.
I have just been exchanging emails with one of the blog's readers and enjoying getting to know a bit about her.  I would love to hear from you as well.  Where  you live, what kind of quilting  you enjoy and anything else you would like to share would be great. 
My son made it home safely after yesterdays freezing rain.  Took him longer than usual but the important thing is that he made it. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Weather Woes

Ontario is experiencing a nasty ice storm.  I had to go into the village today just after lunch and it was still fine here but it started to rain on the way home and, as the temperature dropped, so did the road conditions.  I was home before any problems started.  In fact, it didn't get bad here until after supper.  My son is a truck driver and I always worry more during these days.  I called him later in the afternoon but didn't get an answer so I expect he was being safe and, even with hands free, wasn't answering.
The excitement amongst those of us who are Island Batik Ambassador's is mounting.  Our packages of lovely fabric are being sent so we are all impatiently awaiting their arrival.  Mine will be one of the last as I am the lone Canadian representative but, this year, we have an Ambassador from Norway so I expect she will receive hers last.
Our challenge for the month of February is valentine related.  I will post mine on the beginning of the week.  I still  have lots of fabric left from last year so will use it.

I hope that if you live in the area affected by the freezing rain that you made it safely home.  Also I am not sure if I have followers in New Orleans but perhaps you know someone there so my thoughts are with those who have been devastated by the tornadoes.

Friday, February 3, 2017

An Encouraging Group

I have been making good headway on my granddaughters quilt.  I have been doing it assembly line style and the rows for each block are coming together quickly.  I should be ready to start sewing the rows together tomorrow as hubby is out doing some volunteer work.
Other than that, not a great deal of information to share.  I have been working pretty steadily on a writing project and it too, is progressing.  This will be long term but a bit each day will keep it moving.
We had quite a discussion on mental health on our on line group today.  We have an amazing group of compassionate and intelligent women who are willing to be vulnerable to be helpful.  If you are a quilter who is looking for a place to share, be encouraged and have fun, please check us out.  We are always accepting of new members especially those who take the time to participate in the conversations and special events.  You can find us at:
Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Glorious and Free

I expect I shall find my banner pattern now as I just bought another one.  This pattern is just the Canadian flag so I think I shall add a section under it with the words Glorious and Free or something else from our national anthem.  The pattern is from Craftsy ( and is 40% off right now and the designer is Monica Curry
We got notification today that our new shipment of Island Batik fabrics will be sent shortly and the list of projects for the year was posted. I was looking forward to having a month without a challenge but actually not having a deadline meant I got less done.
I think I will print the list of projects and write beside each one my ideas so I won't be scrambling at the last minute.
I will be having draws again this year so be sure to stay tuned.  I may require that you be a follower of my blog to enter so you might want to keep that in mind.  To do that, just clink on the link on the right side that says 'Follow'.  I know that some of you don't want to do that for various reasons (although you are faithful readers) so I will have an alternate method of entering.
As soon as the package arrives, I will share a photo of all the goodies.  Christmas in February.  Yahoo.
Heidi and I went for a bit longer walk today as it wasn't as cold.  All the little creeks are frozen and all but covered in snow.  We have been regularly visited by the four deer that were in the photo I posted and a few coyote have been prowling around a night.  I am glad our chicken coop is nice and secure.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Where is it?

Why is it that you can be tripping over something for months, moving it from place to place and still have it get in the way but, the moment you need it, it disappears.  I have a pattern for a pennant that I want to make for Canada Day.  Can I find it?  No.  It is around somewhere and it will probably turn up at the end of July.
Ran outside early Sunday morning to take some photos.  We have had a few cold, sunny days and I love the shadow and light.  Enjoy.

Friday, January 27, 2017


These four deer came wandering up the driveway this afternoon.  I thought they might come all the way to the house but they cut across the snowbank and went into the wetlands which are on the left side of the photo.  The snow is a lot less deep there and it is used as a sleeping area.
My on line group, hearts to hands, have been posting puns and other jokes.  They are quite clever and really funny.  One ladies husband made up the following:  What did the guard yell when a prisoner ran down a staircase while escaping? Condescending!
On that note, have a great weekend.  We have snow squall warnings again but aren't planning on going anywhere so not a concern.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Quilt Show Winners.

Dogs can be just like children.  I took Heidi out for our usual walk today and didn't bother putting on her socks. We were going along the road so I knew the snow wouldn't be deep and, therefore, she wouldn't get snowballs stuck on her feet and legs.  Made sense in theory except she wanted to climb the snow banks and investigate the ditches.  By the time we got home, her little legs looked like they had developed some strange white fungus.  Into the sink she went much to her irritation.  Of course, I could have kept her leash tighter so she would have had to stay on the road but she does enjoy the snow.
I spent a good bit of time in the studio today quilting.  The previous couple of days, were spent at the computer getting caught up on my writing  but now that is done, I can quilt.
Have you seen the winning quilts from the Road to California show?  If not, here is the link.  There are two Canadian winners.  I am particularly fond of the entries by the Japanese quilters.  The artistry and attention to detail is amazing.  I am still working at getting my binding to lay flat.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Backs Can Be a Pain.

I have spent today getting caught up with my writing schedule and have everything done but one report.  It isn't needed until the end of the month but I will be able to send it tomorrow and then I can get at my quilting again.
As much as I enjoyed our snow shoe outing on Friday, it didn't like me.  Pushing and pulling through the ice crust hurt my back and I spent most of 4 days in bed.  I couldn't sit very long and you can't do everything standing up.  Even eating was a problem although I could manage that in my living room chair as long as I didn't take to long.  I went to quilting Monday afternoon which was a mistake because the road was covered in ice ruts.  My car bounced and slid all the way to the village and by the time I got there I was in a great deal of pain.  I stayed long enough to recover, came home and went back to bed.  Hubby made a chiropractor appointment for me for the next day.
It was wonderful waking up this morning after a good night's sleep, pain free and able to sit at the table to eat breakfast.  I am trying to be really careful until my back has a chance to settle down.  Sciatic pain is a real pain.
I hope you are still reading the blog hop posts.  Remember to read all the way to the bottom so you can enter any draws that are being held.  Maria is offering a free subscription to The Quilt Pattern Magazine.  If you missed my post, it was on Jan. 17th and it lists the blogs at the end.  Good luck,

Friday, January 20, 2017


I feeling almost back to normal today.  I have spent most of it quilting:  working on my granddaughter's quilt and then going snowshoeing in the afternoon.  Hubby and I have been trying to get out for over a week but we have either been busy or the weather didn't cooperate.  We wanted to get the trail padded down again so it is easier travelling and also so the dog can walk on it without sinking up to her tummy.
It was heavy going as there was a crust of ice on the snow so we took turns leading.  The snow itself was deep as well as there had been a couple of snowfalls since our last trip.  We got about half the trail done which was a good start.  It is supposed to stay warm for another week so we should be able to get in finished this weekend.
I uploaded a photo to my Pinterest account today.  First time I have done that.  I just opened the account a couple of weeks ago so have to learn how Pinterest operates.  Always something new to learn.
Our bird feeders are really busy and the blue jays are back again.  We hadn't seen them for a while and thought they had left us for a better feeding station.  We also have brown, black and grey squirrels waiting to pick up any droppings.  The should be snug in a burrow but it is mild enough that they are out and about.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


We had two reasons to celebrate today. Most importantly it was hubby's birthday so we had a special supper.  He went into the village earlier where he played some pool with a friend and had a little time to himself.  Tomorrow night we may go to the Legion for the monthly live jam with local and area talent.  It is a super evening and you can buy supper if you wish or have some snacks throughout the evening.  We will decide tomorrow if we are going for sure.  We usually say we will do something but, when the time comes, decide we will stay home.
The second happy event was the email I received saying that I have been selected by Island Batik to be their Ambassador for another year.  I am looking forward to seeing what the monthly challenges will be and, of course, receiving my fabric.  As in the past year, I will be share with you through draws.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Thank you to all who commented on yesterday's blog.  I hope you are reading all the other blogs and entering the draws.  Not everyone is having them but many are.  Good luck.
I have been feeling rather blah the past few days.  Not sure why.  Possibly because a few friends are ill and another one died last week.  That in itself can make a person feel blue but I think it is probably more that I can't get outside and walk because it has been so slippery.
I don't know what you do when you want to disengage from life for a bit but I read.  I have always enjoyed books but don't indulge myself very often  because,  once I start one, I want to keep reading until it is finished.  I am usually able to get through in 2 to 3 hours but, like most people, I don't that much free time all at once.
I had a couple of meetings in the village today and a bit of time in between so went into the library.  I was just browsing when I saw Buddy Guy's autobiography.  I have always enjoyed his guitar playing so I checked it out.  This is a book I can read a bit at a time so it is perfect.
Hopefully, tomorrow I will be back to my usual chipper self.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Blog Hop

It is hard to believe that my year as an Island Batik is over.  I am hoping to be selected again so I can, once more, share with you these lovely fabrics and some of the things you can make with them.
The last challenge is, oddly enough, called New Beginnings.  New, because it is the first one of 2017.  We were asked to design something that depicted that theme. 

The fabric I used is from the  River's Edge collection. Although the wall hanging I used doesn't have anything to do with water,  I loved the colours and decided to use my own idea.  This is so easy to do when you are working with such  beautiful fabric.  You can buy Island Batik fabrics at a wonderful quilt store in Orillia called Thimbles and Things. ( You might also wish to drool over all the other Island Batik fabrics and can do so at:  If you don't live in my area, you can find a list on the site of other stores that carry the product.
My version of New Beginnings has two meanings.  The most obvious is the rooster greeting a new day but there is also another story behind that.  Almost 9 years ago, my husband and I moved from Edmonton (a large city of 1 million people) to rural Armour Township in north central Ontario.  As soon as we were settled, we bought some laying hens.  The flock has continued to provide us with fresh eggs as well as meat and many house of enjoyment as we watch them scurry and scratch around the yard. And yes, we do have a rooster.  He guards the hens and lets us know when another day starts. My rooster is from a free design by Cindy at Fat Cat Patterns (  If you haven't seen her patterns, do check them out.  One of my first applique projects was her Funky Chickens.

This final challenge is part of a blog hop.  You can see the links to the other blogs below.  Take time to check them out as there are fabric draws, free patterns and wonderful quilts to be seen.  Island Batik is also having a draw.  You can enter it at:
Copy and paste into your browser and follow the instructions.

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