Monday, October 2, 2017

Hello Fall Temperatures

 A wonderful day today.  It was the monthly meeting with three friends at one of their houses for quilting.  I was beginning to feel overloaded with my extra responsibilities after hubby broke his ankle and this day was like a weekend at a luxurious spa. 
I came home, started the wood stove and put a previously made stew on it to heat.  Then I cut up some peaches and made a cobbler for dessert.  Feeling the cozy warmth from the fire awhile enjoying supper was a perfect topping to the day.
A friend took hubby to our clinic to get his staples removed and get signed up for a walker and device for the tub so he can shower.  These aids will give him a bit more independence which will be a big help to me.
Our temperatures dropped 10 degrees from the day before which I found wonderfully refreshing.  I picked most of the tomatoes from the garden as well as a cucumber and some zucchini I found.  I still have some beets to dig and pickle.  The pumpkin and squash can wait for a bit.
Hope you also had a great day.

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