Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Money to Burn.

Got the last of my Christmas decorations up which consisted mainly of my nativity sets.  I didn't add to the collection this year and one is getting too battered to use so it was a bit easier to find somewhere to put them.  The old one was the one we had when I was a child so it has put in a lot of years of service.  I may just pack it away and not  use it anymore.  That is a bit silly really because no one else is going to want it.  However, I am not going to throw it away so storing is the only other option.
It has been brisk outside again today but the sun was shining so it was, once again, lovely getting outdoors.
I did a silly thing.  I got two coupons from a pet food company which were worth six dollars total.  I can't use them for our Heidi as she seems to be allergic to that brand.  I decided to stick them in a friends Christmas card.  In the meantime, I gathered up the envelopes from the cards I received plus other paper trash and threw it in the wood stove.  No soon did I close the door when I realized that I had probably thrown out the coupons.  Can't find them so I guess that is what I did.  Won't have to figure out what to do with them now anyway.  Nice to have money to burn.

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