Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Challenging Day

This has been quite the day.  Our little Heidi hasn't been feeling well for a few days.  Last night, we were up throughout the night as she was sick a number of times.  This morning she seemed better but then started up again in the afternoon.  I had taken her off all commercial foods and given her a bit of egg.  She really hadn't shown much interest in eating but was drinking water regularly and all other body functions seemed good.  She was even out running and playing in the snow.
I decided that I would call the vet in the morning.  In the meantime I was talking to a friend with lots of knowledge and experience with animals and she suggested to try some pepto bismal, keep her off food for a while longer and then start with some rice and if that stays down, some beef broth with a little burger.  She said that this is what the vet recommends in this case and as we have the same person I can trust the information.
In the midst of all this, hubby's mother was taken to the hospital with some problems.  It doesn't appear to be anything serious and she is expected to be home tomorrow for which we are very thankful. And then my son called to say his vehicle broke down and couldn't be repaired.  This means he won't be able to get to work so that is a concern.
In between clearing up after the dog and looking after the usual chores, I did manage to get some sewing done.  My top is all finished but the last border which I will do tonight.  I am pleased with how it looks.
We had quite the blizzard here today but the hydro stayed on and I didn't have to go anywhere so we weren't affected.  It wasn't cold outside so being out was a pleasure.
I hope the rest of the week is uneventful.

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