Thursday, October 5, 2017

Windows 7 Blues

I have adjusted to Windows 10 but can't say that I like it as much as some of the previous versions.  It seems that some software programs aren't too fond of it either.  I needed to reinstall my EQ (Electric Quilt) program today but ran into problems.  I put in the disc, followed the prompt to enter the password and ID for both EQ 7 and 6 but kept getting a message that the latter was wrong.  I carefully reentered a few times with the same result.  I emailed the company and they sent the codes I already had with the information that Windows 7 sometimes causes problems and I might need additional help.  Before giving up, I tried the good old 'cut and paste' method and was successful. Now I can get on to designing my pattern.
The weather was funny today.  It was quite warm and sunny but the sky looked as though it were going to snow at any moment.  It didn't.  Thankfully.  I really like the snow but it can wait until hubby is mobile.
I am hoping that fall will last for a bit longer yet.  We have a lot of pumpkins that are not yet ripe and I haven't had a chance to plant any spring bulbs or cover my perennials.

Our trees are finally starting to get some colour.  This view is looking back at the pond.

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