Friday, December 2, 2016

Official Lighting of the Tree

There was snow on the trees when we woke up this morning and it has continued to fall throughout the day.  I had to go into the village in the morning and, as it had been mild, all the trees had a frosting of snow.  There is little to no accumulation on the ground as it has been a very light snowfall but I am hoping that winter is starting to settle in.
Of course, I grabbed my camera and took photos.
Our Driveway

Even the Weeds Look Lovely

After supper, we are going in the village to see the official lighting of the community Christmas tree.  I love watching the children as they get to hang some ornaments before the big count down and flipping of the switch.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Fleece Toques

I don't do much non quilting sewing any more but today I made some fleece toques for our local food bank.  Hubby liked them so much I made him one as well and then a different styled one for me.  I was going to make a flannel nightgown too but ran out of inspiration and decided to quilt instead. 
Hubby isn't feeling well and I have been making him hot lemon drinks.  He usually does supper on Thurs. but I did that like a good and dedicated wife.  Tomorrow night is the tree lighting in the village and we were going to go out for supper beforehand but it doesn't look as though he will be well enough.  I think I will take a neighbour lad and go as I/we really enjoy it.
I am going to spend some time cutting up my smaller bits of fabric tonight.  I keep trying to get them off my shelves as a lot of them aren't big enough to use for a quilt.  If I cut them into 10 and 5 inch squares, divide into darks and lights, they will be ready for scrappies.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Shopping Marathon.

I had a marathon shopping day today: groceries, some Christmas gifts and the fabric store.  Came home with a trunk load of stuff and some in the back seat.  Got everything put away and sat down with a cup of tea.  Why is it that shopping is so exhausting?  I did stop and have lunch which I normally don't do.  A salad and some bruschetta restored enough energy that I was able to finish the major part of the grocery shopping without wanting to just leave it and go home.
Hubby helped put everything away and, as I had already made a big pot of chili for supper, I have been able to take it easy for the rest of the day.
My issue of The Quilt Pattern Magazine ( arrived in my in box so I have read that and am now printing off one of the patterns.  Barbara Douglas has created the cutest snowman quilt with full size patterns that will make a lovely gift.  I also printed, for future reference, Deanna Jameson's article on making your own quilt labels.
I need to get at making some fleece hats for our food bank.  I think I will look up a pattern for those this evening and get them done tomorrow.  Always lots to do but, at least, I have a house full of food to sustain me!  😄

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Shades of Brown and Grey.

It rained like crazy last night and today it has been grey and overcast.  When we went for a walk this afternoon, you could see the mist hanging over the pond as well as the wetlands at the front of the property.  Despite the lack of sun, it was still nice walking through the woods.  The leaves have been exposed again and the hundreds of different shades of brown carpeted the trail.  There is still a few patches of snow but it looks more like late spring than early winter.
A friend sent me a link to the cutest commercial I have seen in a long time.  I watch it through twice noticing different things each time.  I have since watched it a few more times.  Hope you enjoy it as well.  See if you can spot the name of the bear on the passport. Here is the link, you may have to copy and paste.


Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Son

Forty eight years ago today, my son was born. He was 6 weeks premature and only weighed a bit over 3 lbs and then went down to less than 3 right after his birth.  He was so small the hospital staff didn't think he would live.  He was sent to Toronto's Hospital of Sick Children where he spent the next 6 weeks of his life.  Because we didn't have a car, I wasn't able to see him at all during that time.  I also found out later that his Dad was advised by the doctor that it was best if we didn't visit because our son likely wouldn't survive.  Of course, now that wouldn't be a factor.  Parents are encouraged to spend as much time as possible with the newborns no matter how ill they might be.
A lot has changed in the attitudes of medical personnel since those days and even though I am saddened by the advice we were given and the resulting long separation, I am still grateful that the care resulted in his survival.  He was the smallest preemie to have survived at his birth hospital.
He is now a strapping, well over 6 foot man and I am immensely proud of him.
It has been mild but somewhat dreary today and that makes it hard to get motivated.  I did send the information to Quilts for Sale to have 3 more of my quilts listed so they should be on site shortly.  Other than that, I took the dog for a walk, made a pot of stew, tidied the house and that was about it. Oh, and I took some photos.
Didn't even take advantage of any of the sales that drove a lot of people into a buying frenzy.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

One Month Away

Happy thanksgiving to all our friends in the U.S.  Please drive carefully if you are travelling.
I was quilting with a couple of friends today working on a BOM.  We are getting to the point where all the sections are being joined by sashing and we are having our brains exercised.  Fortunately each step is done twice so when you have figured out one, you can zip-carefully-through the second.  We still have quite a bit to do before our tops are finished but it is going to be a beauty.
I decided to give our birds a treat today and put some peanuts in the feeder.  It didn't take long before the word to get around and we were inundated with more feathered creatures than we have ever seen at one time before.
One month today it will be Christmas Eve.  Hope you have started on your shopping list.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sales and Sewing

I am just about ready to stop and spend some time listening to the television while knitting.  I have got everything done that was on my 'to do' list today so am feeling good about what I have accomplished.  I didn't get much quilting done but as I will be spending the day doing that tomorrow I don't mind-or not much anyway.
Hubby also had a productive day.  He left the house early to take a neighbour for his cancer treatment, did some grocery shopping for me and then got some odd jobs done after lunch.  We took the dog for a walk in the afternoon so, that too, was taken care of.
Even though I didn't do any physical sewing, I did some mental.  I came up with another 9 patch block pattern using 5 inch squares so that is four for the booklet. 
There are a lot of on line sales happening this weekend.  If you are looking to purchase a quilt for a special someone, including yourself, check out: Some quilts are reduced by 50%.  Others offer free shipping in Canada plus a discounted price.
Craftsy, the popular site for patterns and hand made items, is also offering some great prices.
It's Black Friday all weekend long on Craftsy! Enjoy up to 60% off all kits and supplies. Plus enroll in any class for $17.99 USD or less.
Happy Shopping,