Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Sneak Preview.

Here is a sneak preview of my scrappy bargello.  I still have one set of rows to cut and then I can start sewing them all together.  I will be marking the reverse of each one with the row number.  Doing this means it will be easier to sew them in the proper order.  The lower half of each row is a bit tricky so I will be spending a bit of time getting it organized.

I turned 10 pounds of beets into jars of beet pickle this morning.  I am not a big pickle eater although I do love olives.  Beets are the only other one that I eat.  I also got hubby out for a slow stroll through the bush.  He needs to get outside and he needs some mind clearing exercise.  A walk in the bush provides both.  He hasn't had any problems from the fall for which I am very grateful.
We had a light rain shower this morning which gradually turned to snow and then it got quite windy.  I was a bit concerned that we might lose our power but, fortunately, it didn't happen.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Day of Ups and Downs

Today was one of those odd ones which consist of a number of emotions and activities.  We had three medical appointments; one in the morning and two morning mid afternoon.  In the middle of those, we went to a Christmas dinner.  We had a lovely meal and even lovelier time singing Carols and  playing a silly game.  Laughter and fun was the whipped cream on our day.
I ran hubby home after and then zipped back for my doctor's appointment.  His was an hour later and I was going to go with him.  I expected him to be in the waiting room when I finished but he wasn't nor was his vehicle in the parking lot.  I had just taken out my phone  when he came in, his coat all dirty and mud on his pants.   He had fallen in the driveway!  He seemed to be alright but I was really worried that he had caused further injury to his back.
Once all the medical things were finished including a stop at the pharmacy plus one more to get the mail, I went home.  Hubby had already left so I didn't seem him again until I was indoors.  He was still alright but we decided we had had enough for the day and cancelled our evening meeting. Supper was a piece of toast and a mug of tea.
I have been thinking about the layout for the bargello and I think I have come up with an idea.  Now to see if it will work.  I will keep you posted.  No meetings and no need to leave the property tomorrow.  Yahoo.
If you need a little something to get you started thinking about Christmas, this photo was taken at Castledown Salvation Army in Edmonton.  These shepherds were part of the outside nativity.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Nothing Special which is Special

Happy Tuesday.  Nothing special about today except we are alive and well and that is special in itself.
I went to our church this morning and filled shoe boxes to be sent to those in need, cooked 10 lbs of beets to get them ready to be pickled and did some sewing. 
I have all the rows sewn together for my bargello quilt and now am getting ready to work out the layout.  This is always a fun time when the quilt starts to take on its personality.  I have been taking photos of the steps which I will share with you later. I have to do a 12.5 inch block to send to Island Batik ( and am thinking of doing a mini version of the bargello.
One of our chickens died today.  I was giving them their evening feeding and collecting eggs when I saw it in a corner of the coop.  Hubby didn't see any marks on it so it much have been age related.
Tomorrow hubby has another doctor's appointment and I am hoping that he will get more relief from his back pain.  Next week is another appointment with the surgeon.  Fingers crossed that he will be given the go ahead to start resuming his chores.  He is getting pretty fed up with not being able to get out and do what needs to be done.
We have a Christmas dinner tomorrow at the Legion for the village Art and Crafts Club.  It will, I know, be a fun time. We are having a small, fun gift exchange, lots to eat  and donations brought for our food bank.  This is our first event for the Christmas season.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Lest We Forget

Tomorrow is, as  you know, Remembrance Day. Hubby and I will be going to the service in the village.  Our church always lays a wreath and, this year, one of our young men is going to be taking over the responsibility.  I think it is important that we do everything we can as adults to help the younger ones feel they are not only a part of the community where they live but that they are an important part.
This photo is of my parents.  It was taken just at the close of the war.  I am the baby.  Dad was with the 48th Highlanders but, because of his age, he wasn't part of the actual fighting.  He was one of the many who took over some of the jobs in England left vacant by the British soldiers.
My mother worked in a hostel (home) for evacuated children and I spent the first part of my life there after Dad returned to Canada.  It was just over a year before Mom and I immigrated to be with him.
One of my uncles (husband of my mother's youngest sister) was killed in the war and another uncle had a breakdown from which he never recovered.  He worked in the fire department and was responsible for removing bodies from the bombed buildings.  He was Mother's oldest sister's husband. I will be thinking of them tomorrow.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thursday is the New Friday

I was just going to say that it is hard to believe this is only Friday when I realized it was actually Thursday.  I heard the days for a retiree described as 6 Saturdays and a Sunday and I can certainly identify with that. 
We have had quite a snowfall here this afternoon but I managed to get all the yard work done this morning.  I also made a pot of chili and a loaf of bread.  The latter was done in my bread maker and it didn't turn out although I followed the recipe exactly.  I also managed to finished sewing my strips for the bargello into pairs.
It is amazing how much more I can get done now that hubby is able to get around a bit more, drive the van and make meals.  He is feeling better with the new pain medication which means he is sleeping longer.  It was good hearing him singing this morning while getting breakfast.  Been a while since that happened.
I got all our hats and mittens ready to be worn as well as Heidi's winter clothing.  She also got a new set of booties this year so she is all ready for the season.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Roller Coaster Ride

The sky sure looks as though we are going to get snow soon.  I am pretty much ready  I got my snow tires on today, the last of the potatoes from the garden (or at least the ones I could find) water hose put away and a lot of the other odds and ends that have to be done this time of year.
I had made a list of things to be done which I kept on the kitchen table.  Crossing off items that had been done felt good but them I had to add a few others.  That is life, isn't it/
We had good news following our Heidi's surgery.  I had the tumour sent for a biopsy and the vet called to say that it was benign.  Wonderful news.  He also said that she would get others but that there was a less than 10% chance that further ones would be anything other than benign as well.
The weather yesterday was lovely for driving to Orillia (hour and a half) where I met my sister.  We had lunch together and caught up on all the news that had taken place since I last saw her 6 months ago.  The drive home wasn't quite as good as kept going through patches of slushy rain.  I had to stop on the way to get a few groceries and when I got back to the car, the battery was dead.  Poor hubby had to drive from home and give me a boost.  He put in a new battery this morning.  Fortunately, the one from the tractor fit.  Sometime life is like a roller coaster isn't it?  Fortunately, the ups are more frequent that the downs.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Sale Items Ready

I spent the majority of my day finishing up articles for tomorrows craft sale.  I have a couple of baby quilts, a runner and place mat set, and some other quilted items.  I like to include a few smaller things as well and, this year, I made some fun things for our furry family members.
Fido will love having a special scarf to show that he loves Christmas.  I have made a number of these in different fabrics and sizes.  New this year are my collar covers.  There are pink ones for the ladies that have two tiers of lace and for the more macho dog, the cover is made of camouflage fabric adorned with buckskin fringe.
The other items in the photo are key fobs.  They sold well last year.  Fasten one end to your bags handle and clip your keys onto the other.  No more searching amongst the flotsam in the bottom of your purse.
It is supposed to rain tomorrow so that might be good for the sale as people won't be as likely to travel or work outside.  Wish us luck.