Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Togetherness is Fun

Just a quick note tonight as I am getting ready to go out.
I have started my Christmas preparations.  I am earlier than usual this year but, as I have said before, November is when I feel most in the spirit of the season.  Hubby and I got the tote in that holds our trees and I will get the smaller ones up this weekend.
After the outdoors chores were done, I had a lovely few hours listening to carols on my CD player and quilting. I almost have my scrappy bargello top finished.  It is both colourful and very scrappy.  Tomorrow I am getting together with a friend at her house to make stocking stuffer sized gifts.  It is always fun to do this sort of thing with someone.
Years ago, I used to go to a ladies house and we would make pickles together.  There is something about sharing a task that makes it a lot more fun.
Have a great evening.

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