Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Reliving the Past

Another lovely spring day.  Our daffodils are starting to bloom and the trilliums are up.  We have different birds foraging amongst the grass looking for stray seeds.  We have red winged blackbirds in the wetlands but the regular non redwinged variety have appeared closer to the house.
My sister and I had a lovely visit and stroll down memory lane.  We visited the village where we lived as children, had an ice cream at the general store and tried to remember who used to live in the various houses.  Then we drove to another village about 5 miles away.  Mom used to bet we couldn't walk there and back and bribed us with 10 cents each.  You could buy a lot of candy for a dime back then.  We made the trip on foot without incident a number of times but when driving there we got lost.  Not actually lost but not able to find the village without referring to GPS.  The curve we were familiar with had become an intersection which confused us.
The rest of the time we spent in Lindsay.  Saturday morning, the north side of the main street was without power but most of what we wanted to see and do was on the other side; including going to the quilt store.  I got a really cute panel with a lot of different dog blocks on it.  I am going to cut the panel into squares and sew pieced borders between them.  But, that will have to wait for a bit.
We were fortunate in not having any damage from the windstorm that caused so much havoc without the region. Hope you can stay the same.

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