Monday, May 28, 2018

May Challenge

This month's challenge for the Island Batik( Ambassadors was to make a pillow.  The hardest part about the project was to chose the pattern.

I am very fond of stars and star variations so I decided on the Entwined Star.  I changed the colour layout so it looks quite different from the original.
Image result for entwined star
Original Block

My Version

It is amazing how changing a few colours can make a block look entirely different. This will look nice on my bed as the quilt there is blue and brown.
I am now working on  half dozen placemat.  Of course, Island Batik is my fabric of choice.
It has been quite hot here the past few days so I am quite happy to stay in side, work on my course and quilt.


  1. Lovely pillow! Those colors are so yummy. I, too, am fascinated by the effect changing a color can have on a block.

  2. Love how it morphed with the colours, Anna!!

  3. Love the design. Such a pretty collection of fabrics.