Friday, February 2, 2018

Seven Years and Counting

It was a bit too cold to stay outside very long today but we did get a trailer load of wood loaded and ready to bring to the house.
I have had a nice day of sewing and got my bargello top finished  I may change a couple of rows as I don't like the way they look.  Will decide on that tomorrow.
One of the jobs I had scheduled for today was to sort out what was still needed to finish up the applique quilt I have been working on for about 7 years.  I have one border and the sashing to do and I will be able to put everything together.  There is still a lot of appliqueing left but a lot lot less than when I started.

Here are a couple of the blocks.  There are 12 in total plus two appliqued borders and the sashing.  The pattern is called  Vintage Tiles Revisited by Dorothy Baker.  You can see the pattern here:
Maybe I will get this finished this year.  Maybe.


  1. It is beautiful! I love applique and don’t do it enough. The large one I did years ago remains a favorite.

  2. Beautiful! the dark background really shows off your work. Keep at it and see it as a 2018 finish!