Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Day with Friends

Heidi loves to lie in front of the wood stove and  I love how tiny and cozy she looks.  This photo was taken just before I did my daily cleaning and polishing of this area.  Actually, I hadn't noticed just how dirty it gets under the stove  between the weekly cleanings.  Guess I will have to step up my housewifely duties.
I had a lovely day with a couple of quilting friends.  We get together once a month and spend the day being silly and working on a quilting project.  I am the eldest and get well looked after with my supplies being carried into and from the house.  I debated taking the time from my course today but it has done me the world of good.  Nothing like being with a couple of crazy friends and doing what you love to make your day sing.
My thoughts were with my mother today as this was her birthday.  You never get over missing your mother, do you?


  1. Good to take a day off and do something for your soul. I, too, feel that way about my mother.

  2. Did you know that ~ Wet paper towel or wet newspaper dipped into the burned ash is the best way to clean and keep your wood burning stove window clean and clear~