Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Christmas in February

My Island Batik packaged arrived yesterday. (Click on the link and enjoy some gorgeous eye candy).   It was crammed full of goodies provided for my use  and  to share the results with you.  Throughout the year, Island Batik Ambassadors are given given project ideas which we interpret and then post the photos.  We also have special events were draw prizes are given.  I hope you will follow my blog and share in the fun with me.

This year, our boxes contained some new items.  I received a package of twin sized, cotton Hobbs batting.  I have used Hobbs Tuscany line exclusively in my quilts for many years now and I love the product.  I also got a sample card of all the Hobbs batting which will be very handy as I use different fibre content in different projects. It will be helpful to actually feel the product before purchasing.
Another new item was also a Hobbs product and one which I have never used.  Thermore is ultra thin and is great for wall hangings.  I make a lot of those so can't wait to try it.

And now for the fabric.  As you can see by the photos below, I am going to have a lot of fun playing with these.  Did you know Island Batik makes rayon?  It is beautifully soft and is wonderful for dressmaking.  The black and white fabric is rayon and I am thinking about scarves for some friends.  The thread is from Aurifil.  I use this brand for all my sewing and it is amazing  to work with.  If you click on the link you will be taken to their site where you will find a lot of information about the different thread weights and their suggested purpose.  I also received a number of handy promotion cards and at the back there is a chart giving the same information.  I will scan and post that on a later blog.
Don't you love the colours in the Elementz package.  Can't wait to use those.  I am thinking of a non traditional lone star wall hanging.  The package of precut 5" X WOF strips are one of my favourite.  I  used the ones from last years shipment to make  a bargello with a twist.  It is on my frame and being quilted now so I will be able to share that with you soon.

I left what is probably my favourite item in the box for the last.  This is a beautiful rayon scarf in a colour which seems to have been especially designed for me.  I love bright colours and the combo of yellow and orange will go with nearly everything in my closet especially my favourite daffodil yellow jacket.  If I have a signature clothing piece, it is scarves.  I have a ton and wear them all the time.  This will have pride of place.

I hope you have enjoyed the share and that you are a tiny bit envious.  If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for Island Batik, send me a comment and I will tell you how it works.
And now I am going to play with fabric,


  1. Wow! I know you will enjoy creating with these treasures!

  2. Beautiful fabric! Love the scarf!

  3. It was so much fun opening these and so much fun see everybody's boxes.

  4. Enjoy your treasures, especially the scarf (great color).