Friday, February 23, 2018

Happy Ears.

I was able to spend a pleasant and relaxing hour or so in the studio this evening after I sent in this weeks assignment.  I got a quilt top ready for the binding and chose the fabric  that I will use for that.  I decided to do the binding a bit scrappy as the top itself is made entirely of 2.5 inch squares.  I picked out a few precut 5 inch by width of fabric from my Island Batik left overs and will piece them together for the needed length.  I think that will be a good finish to it.
While I was sewing, I had  the on stereo listening to a couple of my favourite CD's. This is always my favourite way to enjoy music but it has been a bit frustrating the past year or so. I like a multi CD[player which is not something easy to find with ipods etc. being the music playback of choice now.  I was able to purchase a player at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop for only 30.00. It didn't have a remote which isn't generally a problem but I found that the CD setting was set on 'random' play.  I like mine to play in order.
I was finally able to find a remote on line.  It arrived early this week and it works perfectly.  My ears are happy.

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  1. Glad you found your way back to sewing. For the last week I've been playing some cds with old songs--some so old, I'd completely forgotten about them! I was thinking I need a new cd player, one with more than 3 cds--never thought that they might be no longer available.