Friday, January 12, 2018

Snapping Trees

I have two more rows to add to my top and it will be ready for the border.  I have had a couple of really productive days when I managed to limit my computer use and just sew.  The housework wasn't neglected either.  I baked cookies, muffins and cooked a pot of rhubarb as well as the other odds and ends. 
Heidi and I went for a short walk through the bush.  I intended to stay out longer but some of the trees were snapping and I was nervous in case a limb came down on us.  I do keep an eye on everything but it is easy to miss a deranged branch.  I think it was just the juice in the trees freezing again but no sense taking a change.
A reader mentioned that she found the blog hop bloggers were only offering their draws to those living in the U.S.  The cost of postage is a deterrent for us all but don't be discouraged.  I know there is at least who is giving something to those in other countries.  Check out each one and you may find others who are doing the same.  And, of course, my prize will certainly be  open to those in Canada.

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