Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Good News

We are getting freezing rain so, although we had planned to go out, we are snug in our rural nest. 
I have been spending as much time as possible working on my Island Batik quilt for the blog hop.  I have half the blocks completed for the top and hope to get it finished tomorrow. 
My post is due on , if I remember correctly, the 29th so I have lots of time.  I have learnt though, there is only lots of time when you are a long way from a deadline.  Leave it to late and the pressure cooker starts up.
We had good news yesterday.  Hubby went to see our doctor and was told that he could resume all activities.  He just has to be sensible and not try to do everything the first day.  We are both relieved.  The tractor is acting up so we worked together to bring in wood and then fill up a bin with chicken feed.  We have been getting a friend to help with the latter as I couldn't lift the bags.
I hope you are checking out the blogs I posted on Monday and entering the draws.  Take time to read the blogs and look at the quilts.  You won't be sorry as my fellow Ambassador's are a talented group. You can also go to and enter there as well.  You may win some lovely prizes.

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