Friday, January 5, 2018

Goals for 2018.

We continue to experience a deep freeze.  I couldn't stay out long when I was getting to wood in today.  I did a bit, came in to warm up and then did some more.  It was my face that got the coldest because you can't wear a scarf when you have glasses-they fog up and you can't see.  If you remove the glasses you still can't see.
I finished the blocks for the mystery quilt today and was ready to sew on the border when I discovered I had used the fabric that I thought would be perfect.  I guess it is off to the fabric store for me.  I have been trying to just use the fabric in my stash but I guess, as the amount diminishes, that I will have to  buy more eventually.
A friend and I are each making a dozen charity quilts which should help get rid of the rest of my stash.  The patterns aren't going to be important.  Warmth and durability are the biggest factors.
I have made a list of projects that I am going to focus on completing this year.  I have two wall hangings for friends that need to be done, the charity quilts and 4 kits that I put together and didn't get any further.  If I can get that list done plus some of the tops that need quilting, I will feel that I have really accomplished something this year.
Do you have goals or resolutions?

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  1. Having a knee replacement in a couple of weeks so my goal is to top up my yarn stash and do LOTS of knitting for the new GREAT grandbaby due in a few months.