Thursday, June 30, 2016

Happy 149 Canada. Looking Good.

The part for my machine arrived by courier today. I was getting a little concerned that it might have been sent through the post office as we may be getting a mail strike.  Now I have to figure out how to get the old part off so I can install the new.  I will give the technician a call tomorrow so he can walk me through it.  I suspect I have to remove part of the body. 
I finished the top I had been working on and then found I put a block in the wrong place.  Not sure how I managed to do that but now I have to unstitch so I can change two of them.  This mistake was a forerunner of today.  I got together with a couple of friends to work on our projects and made a mistake in every step.  Mistakes that, of course, I didn't discover until I had the section finished.  I finally managed to get most of one block done and I will finish the other (there are two of each block) at home. 
The change in barometric pressure has given me a headache the past two days so I think that may have been the problem.  That is what I am going to claim anyway.
Happy Canada Day tomorrow .  Hubby and I will be going to some of the events in the village.  Happy Independence Day to my American friends for Monday.  Nice that we get to share a long weekend.  I expect we shall see a number of U.S. licence plates in the village.

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