Friday, June 10, 2016

Solving Tension Problems

Today,I got all the loose threads removed from the quilt top and backing and reloaded onto the frame.  I found that a clothes brush worked best for loosening the threads from the fabric and then gathering into a bunch so they could be removed easily.  I have a purchased do dad called Cotton Picker but I found that it didn't do as good a job as the brush.
I have cleaned the lint from the machine and rethreaded so it should be ready to go.  When I was working on the quilt before I decided I didn't like the pattern, it was humming along quite nicely.  I am trying to make sure I've eliminated any reason for it to not continue to do so.
I was reading a blog from Tony O'Toole of APQS on tension and thread breakage and I think one of the reasons I have problems is the sandwich is too taut.  There isn't any give at all.  I am going to try and keep it looser and see if that helps.

Here is a copy of the article.
Troubleshooting tension issues is one of the biggest issues for a long arm quilter. Find out how to get those threads to loop together perfectly inside the batting of your quilt with these five articles from the APQS blog. Click here to read other machine troubleshooting posts.
tension troubles

Tension troubles? Try these tricks ...

Balanced tension is the goal of every quilter. But it doesn't take a magician to master it. With a few tricks up your sleeve you'll be able to tackle it with ease.
thread colors

Add motion to your design with quilting

A quilt is like a "snapshot" capturing a moment in time. Fabulously splashed with color or featuring exquisite appliqué, these are "static" images that focus attention on a specific element. Use machine quilting to create motion in your quilt to keep the viewer's attention focused on your masterpiece.
thread breakage

Step-by-step instructions to fix thread breakage

Most thread breakage issues have easy solutions. When thread breaks, it is either at its "stress point" or something is snagging it, causing it to break. The trick to finding the right answer is to use a step-by-step process to eliminate the obvious suspects until the problem is fixed.
bobbin tension

Master bobbin tension

Longarm quilting machines require much less bobbin tension than you may believe when compared to your home sewing machine. If the bobbin tension is too tight, it can lead to top thread pokeys on the back, railroad tracks and top thread breakage. Find out how to get your bobbin tension just right.

Tips for taking the headache out of tension

Learn about the drop test, how to eliminate railroad tracks and why cleaning your machine is essential to achieving balanced tension.
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