Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Probiotic Potassium-They Both Start with a 'P'

I have had a busy and productive day.  Now that hubby is almost back to normal he is able to move back into his bedroom.  He had been in the guest room as the bed was higher in there.  We decided to switch the two beds around so the higher one would be in his room so took the opportunity to do some sorting and cleaning first.  Everything was finished by lunch with the exception of making up the guest room bed.  We are having company next week so will get all done before then.
After lunch, I went back to working on my machine.  I decided to check out tutorials and see if I could get any more idea as to why the thread kept breaking.  I followed through one that gave detailed information on setting tension and found that my bobbin setting was to high.  That helped but didn't cure the problem.  I can't remember what gave me the idea to look at the throat plate and see if it was centred properly.  It looked like it was slightly off.  I undid the screws, made a slight adjustment and retightened and that seems to have been the problem. 
I did a bit of practice sewing at various speeds both in a straight line and doing loops and everything was fine.  Just have to tighten the top tension a bit and everything should be perfect. 
The quilt that was on the frame will be removed and unpicked-this will be the third time- but while doing that I will load another one and see how it goes.
Yesterday, both hubby and I had an optometrist appointment; my regular, his first.  I got my yearly pressure test which involves drops to make my eyes dilate.  They were going to incorporate that in his test but I suggested he rebook for that as one of us had to drive.  I have quite a bit of problem after that test and it is almost the next day before my eyes return to normal.  I tried to do a bit of grocery shopping but it was too difficult.  My doctor had suggested I take a probiotic supplement and trying to locate that on the bottom shelf was fun.  After I got home, I found that I had bought potassium not probiotic so now will have to take that back. Adjusting to the new glasses was much easier although I am still not used to seeing myself in the different frames.

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