Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Here are photos of the dolls I bought. The first one is the musical doll.  The shorter doll in the third photo is one of the new ones and  the large doll in purple has an interesting history.  I got her at a motorcycle rally.  She was one of the draw prices and was won by a burly, tattooed gentlemen who was not married and, therefore, had no need for a doll.  I, on the other had, won a pair of leather gloves which were too big for me.  So, I approached him and we exchanged.  Of course, many of the other participants thought we should have kept our original prizes.
We are expecting company for a couple of days and they should be arriving shortly.  The couple are dear friends from near Edmonton, Alberta and they will be coming with their daughter who  lives south of us.  It will be nice to see them.  The lady and her late husband were in the Christian Motorcycle Association with us.  The man she married a few years ago is a brother of another member.
I expect we will be  recalling a lot of memories.

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