Friday, June 17, 2016

Kitty Cats

It is much hotter than I find comfortable today but I know a lot of people enjoy it.  We get out and get the chores done first thing in the morning so we can stay inside where it is relatively cool for the rest of the day.
Wee Heidi's hair had been getting quite long and her regular groomer has been very busy so I decided to give her a trim.  Poor dog.  She looks like a hungry beaver has been nibbling her hair.  However, patchy though it is, I am sure it is a lot cooler.  I also trimmed her nails so she had the full spa treatment along with a bath this morning (which she hates).
I am caregiving a friend's two cats while they are away.  I visit them morning and evening, feed them and clean out the litter box.  I really like cats so this gives me a chance to interact with them without bothering my husband's allergies.  There is a young tabby that frequents our property which we encourage.  We have enough mice to keep it fed and I would prefer she (or he) gets them than they end up in a trap in our house.
Have a safe and happy weekend.

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