Thursday, June 2, 2016

More Photos


Love the Markings on this Rock
(Love Rocks)

Lovely Lilac

Beautiful Begonia

As you can see, I was out with the camera again.  Going for a walk was the antidote to Windows 10.  It loaded up on its own accord this morning so I have been trying to learn how it operates.  I have only found two improvements:  Yahoo works better and uploading photos from the camera is easier.  Everything else is the pits.  I am particularly annoyed about my email contacts not all being added into what is now called People and that the email accounts themselves are more difficult to access.  I have found the solution to that.  Did a search for Google Mail, entered my information and when the former version popped up, I have saved it in my Favourites (which is also more difficult to access). 
I could go on about all the things I don't like but I expect I will adjust and/or find a way to circumvent the specific area.
Have finished my first quilt on the new machine and it turned out better than I thought it would.  I will post a photo of that tomorrow just in case you haven't seen enough pictures yet.

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