Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Chicken for Dinner

It is surprising how exhausting shopping can be-or at least, it is for me.  We left the house at 1 and didn't back until 6 and all that time except for about 30 minutes, I was shopping, shopping, shopping.  Shopping at the ReStore, the dollar store, dropping things off at the Thrift Store, shopping at Walmart and the grocery store.
On the way home, we stopped at the chip truck and bought supper.  After eating, bringing in  and putting away the purchases, I had to tend the chickens.  Of course, one of them had got out of the coop and had to be persuaded to get into the hen house and then onto her proper side.  She must have flown over the fence (flew the coop) and it is probably the same one who had done it once before.  I was tired enough to just leave her out but she would have been caught by a critter looking for a nice chicken dinner so I persevered.
If she does that again, she may end up being our chicken dinner.

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