Friday, June 3, 2016

Supporting Local

I volunteered, along with another lady, at the Burk's Falls Art and Crafts Centre today (see our Facebook Page).  It was pretty slow as is normal for this time of year but we did have a couple of sales.    The customer, who was from Barrie, mentioned that she always shops local when she is at her cottage and, true to her word, I saw her later at the grocery store.  I appreciate our summer residents as well as tourists who come to the area and do their shopping here.  Our businesses (as is the case in many small communities) depend on the extra dollars to keep them afloat through the rest of the year.
Shopping local has become a popular phrase but it is more than just a catchy slogan.  It can mean the difference between a business staying in business or closing doors.  I often wonder, however,  how many permanent residents of the tourists areas support their community.  Their dollars is as important as those of the seasonal people.  It is local businesses that hire local people, support local charities and organizations and whose tax dollars make possible community improvements.
I would encourage you, no matter where you live, to use your purchasing power to support your home town  If you are travelling, especially to a small community, use some of that vacation money to help them.  A little goes a long way if it comes from many sources.

This top is my latest Island Batik ( project.  I haven't named it yet but it will be something to do with falling leaves.

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