Tuesday, May 31, 2016

To the Pond.

Hubby has been wanting to get down to the pond so I went with him this afternoon and took my new camera.  I worry about him mis-stepping and having to get the surgery redone but we got there and back safely.  Other than an overly generous amount of mosquitos it was a good day to be out. 
The first photo is of the pond with the beaver house just visible peaking out from under a tree on the right side.  The second picture is the path leading back up the hill that goes toward the house.  I love our maple bush.  It is peaceful anytime of the year.
I loaded a quilt onto the frame this morning and, within a very short time, it was 3/4 finished.  Having that extra quilting space makes such a difference.  I was a good girl and changed the needle, cleaned out the bobbin area and oiled everything that needed to be oiled before starting.  Because I quilt so much, I often forget those little things that keep everything running smoothly.
Tomorrow I am off to the optometrist and to buy some groceries.

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