Friday, May 27, 2016

A Fowl Job

I have spent a bit of time today getting familiar with my new camera.  I took a few photos to illustrate my latest Quilt Pattern Magazine column but nothing else other than just something that was in front of the camera as I tried different settings.
Tomorrow we have to do a dump run and then we are going for a drive to one of the most picturesque rivers in the area.  I will get a chance to see what I can do there.  We also plan on buying a few annuals for the garden at a local centre.  We have a planned hydro outage in the morning so this will give us something to do until it comes on.  I got some of my Saturday morning chores done today and am doing a couple of loads of laundry now so the outage will only be a minor inconvenience.
I have been working on a modern wall hanging using my Island Batik fabrics and am pleased with how it is turning out.  I also need to do some more practicing on my long arm.
We have been letting our dual purposes (meat and layer) chickens outside so they can forage.  I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to get them back inside when it was time for them to be closed in for the night.  However, when they see me coming, they all run toward me and they scoot inside.  It helps that they know they are getting a special  treat.  There is a poultry food called scratch and they go crazy for it.  I only give them a bit but they sure love it.  The other chickens are in a fenced in area so I don't have to worry about them escaping but they do have to, voluntarily, go through their door.  No problem with them either.  They know what is coming and in they scoot.  I scatter a bit for them in their area, pop out and close the hatch and everyone is secure.  After I check for any more eggs and make sure they have enough water, I am finished my chicken duties.
Happy Memorial Day weekend to our American friends.  Please drive safely and wear your PFD on the water  so you can all get back home without mishap.

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