Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Obstructed Vision.

I was reminded today, while out for my walk, about the verse in the Bible which talks about seeing through a mirror darkly.  I was wearing my hat that has a netting which covers the wearers face and neck protecting them from the winged pestilence.  The netting does its job well but looking through it creates a bit of a problem.  It isn't as bad as one of the more expensive clothing items which is almost like a beekeepers covering for the upper body.  It is black (which I always think is rather odd because that colour attracts bugs) and the net is a very fine mesh.  So much so that air circulation is somewhat limited so you get quite warm.  Again, it does do a great job but it is difficult to see and, as I mentioned, hot.  My safari style hat is cooler and vision, while not as perfect as when not wearing it, is better than the other item.
I do find that it is good to really concentrate on where you are going as it is easy to miss a rock jutting from the ground or low tree branch.  My walking cane helps me maintain balance and push obstacle out of the way.
As you can tell, we are entering black fly season.  They aren't bad yet if you can rate such a thing but even a few are annoying even if they haven't yet started to bite.
We are still having cool weather so our wood stove has been on.  I made a pot of stew today which will be nice to have on hand for one of those many days when I don't feel like cooking.  Hubby has taken over a lot of that job as he is still recovering from his hip replacement.  He has an appointment with the surgeon on Thursday and are going to take the opportunity to do a bit of shopping.  Heidi is staying with a lady while we are away so we don't have to rush back.  We can have the stew for supper.

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