Wednesday, May 18, 2016


An on line friend was mentioning about the deluge of rain they were experiencing.  Streets and basements were flooded.  I replied that it was too bad she couldn't ship some of it to the fire ravaged areas in western Canada.
It always seems that when it comes to weather, one area is getting too much of what another area desperately needs.  Eventually, it does all even out.  There is only so much rain and what goes back into the atmosphere comes back down again somewhere. 
There is some fluctuation in the area.  Some summers  are drier than others, winters that are snowier but generally they are pretty much alike.  We are, now that I think about it, fortunate.
I am beginning to feel as though I am almost back to my normal quilting routine.  I was able to get more done today than I have recently. I also started a scrappy baby blanket from some 2 1/2" flannel squares that a lady in our local quilt group didn't want.  I have bits and pieces of my own to add to it so it will be a reasonable size.
Tomorrow, we are off to see hubby's surgeon.  We are both hoping that he will tell us that hubby can start resuming some of his activities.  Even being allowed to drive will make a big difference.
Hope you are not in one of the areas that is getting any of the weather extremes or, if you are, you are safe.

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