Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hummers are Back

Our hummingbirds are back.  I put the feeder out a week or so previously but this is the first time I saw a little hummer using it.  I got a new feeder this year that has a concave top that prevents ants from getting to the syrup.  You just put water in the depressed area which is right below the hanger and the little varmints drown.
When Heidi and I went for our walk through the bush, we stopped for a bit at the pond.  Hubby built a log bench there so we can sit and watch the wildlife or, if there isn't any, just sit.  It is a very peaceful place.  I don't usually see anything in midday which is when I am there but we do have otter, beaver and various water fowl including a very stately heron.
I got a bit of quilting done today.  Very little but at least it is something.  I am working on the latest Island Batik project and am paper piecing sailboats.  I will post a photo when they are done.

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