Thursday, May 19, 2016

Seven Seconds to Disaster

I am too tired to write much this evening.  It has been a long day which started with an early drive north.  We dropped Heidi off at her sitter's and then went on to hubby's appointment.  The surgeon says he is doing well although it will still be another 6 weeks before he can bend to a 90 degree angle or more.  He can, however, start driving again so that is a biggy.
After lunch, we did our shopping and then back home again after retrieving the dog.  Groceries put away, email checked and dealt with and, once supper was over, the news watched I could relax.
I bought a light box and it was delivered today so I am looking forward to getting my applique patterns traced onto my fabric.  I have been using a home made box and, it did work, but not as well as a purchased one.
And that, my friends, is it for today.  If you are driving to your cottage, campground or other weekend destination, please do so carefully.  Experts say that speed kills but this expert will tell you that it is inattention, aggressiveness and overrated skill levels that cause the problems.  It takes 7 seconds to react to a situation if all the conditions-you, road, vehicle are in perfect shape.  In seven seconds at 100 km you travel the length of a football field! How long have you really taken your eyes from the road?

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