Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Yard Sale Find.

We are not big garage/yard salers but do go to one if it looks interesting and we happen to be passing by.  On Saturday, we saw that a family on the next road was having a sale and, as they had just sold their home, we thought they might have something we could use.  Hubby got a skill saw and a large metal pot for making camp tea.  I saw this chest but wasn't really interested.  We went into the village to do a couple of things and I kept thinking about that piece of furniture.  Like the majority of quilters, I have quite a collection of quilts and I really don't like to store them in totes.  The full sized ones get laid on the guest bed which works until you have company.
I decided if the chest was still there on our return trip, I would get it.  As you can see, it was.  The price?  $20.00.  It is big enough to hold my quilts as well as my batting.  Hubby is going to put a couple of chains on the lid to keep it from flipping to the back.  I have given the top a sanding and will rub a bit of furniture wax on it.  I thought about painting it with folk art but I hate covering natural wood with paint.
I am quite pleased with my purchase.  Sometimes it pays to brave the clouds of black flies and top at a sale.

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