Thursday, May 26, 2016

Washed Away

We had quite a rain today.  I had been out with a friend and when she brought me back to my car we discovered that it was surrounded by a puddle about 3 inches deep.  There was no choice but to wade through although I should have just removed my shoes.  I was wearing one of my favourite pairs.  There are just cheap ones but very comfortable.  I hope the unexpected bath didn't ruin them.
After I got home, I went out and put the chickens in for the night.  They were already in the coop so I gave them a feeding, gathered the eggs and locked up.
Tomorrow, I am hoping that the rain has washed away some of the mosquitoes and blackflies so I can finish planting the garden.  I think I will go out even if it is lightly raining as wet is better than bit.
If you didn't read yesterday's blog, I would  like to let you know again about the special subscription price The Quilt Pattern Magazine is holding to celebrate the printing of my pattern  "Dancing Stars".  All the details and the link is on the May 25 post or you can go to my Facebook page
If you know a quilter, please share this information and link.

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