Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sewing Marathon

With the exception of preparing and eating meals and taking the dog for a walk, I have been sewing since ten o'clock this morning.  I should be finished this top tomorrow.  I am not going to quilt it right away as I have two more tops to finish. 
It is both tiring and fun having a non-stop sewing session.  I did make sure I spent as much time standing as sitting which is both healthier and less tiring  It was a lovely day so I am gad I did get outside.  I really should have pulled the beets but they will be alright for a bit longer.
Here is one of the blocks I was making:
The pattern is designed by Isobel Meekins and it is both detailed and easy to follow.
I think I will turn everything off now, make myself a cup of herbal tea and watch a bit of television with hubby.  Of course, I will continue quilting but this will be on my hand applique.

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