Saturday, October 24, 2015


It was a wonderful day yesterday other than the Blue Jays disappointing loss.  The weather was sunny and warm so it was a good day to get the yard work done.  I gathered up all the garden gnomes and got them safely tucked into a large tote, packed leaves around the shrubs that needed some protection and stacked up the lawn furniture.  The rose bushes have stakes around them ready for the top soil and burlap that will keep them safe for the winter.
Hubby did a bit of touch up on my car where rust had come through.  We never had a problem with rusting in Alberta as they don't use salt on the roads.  We will have to do a better job of matching the paint come spring but this will keep until then.
After the work was finished, I made mugs of hot chocolate and we sat on the step while drinking it.  Heidi got a marrow bone treat as she had been helping.  Her job is to make sure we are not attacked by squirrels-especially the black ones, when we are either outdoors or in.
We have the snow tires on the van, the car will be going in next week to get done so we are ready for winter.

This mornings sunrise.

Heidi on alert.

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