Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Blue Jays: the team and the birds.

We are suffering through the fourth Jay and Royals game.  We have to go out shortly but are desperately hoping that the Jays will get a few more runs to at least close the gap. 
I have been working away all day at these Scout scarves and should have them finished tomorrow.  the money I make doing this is just simply not worth being tied up for three days.
Tomorrow  I am going to Huntsville to meet a friend, do a little shopping and visit.  Our weather has warmed up a bit and I would have loved to have been outside doing some work.  I did take Heidi for her (and my) walk which was really nice.  Our yard has been filled with blue jays (the birds) and a number of smaller birds and it is a real pleasure watching them flitter around finding seeds.  The squirrels have been fighting for their share of the bounty which is a real source of irritation to the dog.
Well, off I go. 

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