Thursday, October 29, 2015

Make Quilts Not War.

I had a perfectly lovely day quilting with two friends.  Even the snow showers and sloppy conditions driving home weren't enough to take away from the peacefulness of the day.  We each managed to get the two blocks of the first BOM finished, have lunch and visit before it was time to leave.  This is going to be a monthly event; more often if we can and I already am looking forward to the next time.
Getting together with two people who share the same interest, who all respect  (and appreciate) each other's individuality is a rare treat.
 In our world, there is often so much pressure put on an individual to conform or be left out.  Those who think or act differently from the group can frequently feel that have to change who they are to have friends, be employed or succeed in life.
I think quilter's in general are a fairly accepting group of people,  perhaps,  because our craft has so many aspects to it.  One person may like hand quilting, another machine, someone else prefers applique and yet another only does modern quilts.  There are endless variations of the same art and none are thought to be either right or wrong.  Once in a while you may meet a person who insists that unless a quilt is entirely done by hand then it isn't a quilt but they are a rarity.
Perhaps the rulers of countries that want to wage war on another should be made to sit down and learn to quilt first. The new world slogan would be "Make Quilts Not War". 

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