Saturday, October 17, 2015

First Snowfall.

We had our first snowfall this morning and it is still coming down lightly.  It won't stay, of course, but it is a reminder of the coming season-if anyone actually needs reminding.  We will need to get in our lawn furniture, stow the garden gnomes and other ornaments.  The hummingbird feeder has to be cleaned and the other feeder put out.  I have already got one in place and filled it for the jays who have placed first claim on the seeds.  We had two males sparring on the front lawn this morning.
We have to go into the village today and I think I will go into the feed store and get some sunflower seeds.
I love watching all the birds but the jays have always been my favourite.  I know they are bossy and noisy but they are also intelligent and so colourful.   I would love to see cardinals as well but we don't get those.
I am still feeling the effects of my allergies and the dizziness but getting better.  Now that the cooler weather has arrived, everything should be clearing up.
Have a great weekend.

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