Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bag Finished

I got this laptop bag finished today.  I made it extra sturdy to support the weight of the laptop.  You can't see it clearly but there is a pouch on the front with a Velcro flap.

I am getting caught up on my 'to do' list although I keep remembering something else that should be one it.  My neighbour that is raising mini goats thought she had until March before the birthing began.  One nanny, however, seems to be ready to go any time.  I said I would make some fleece coats for the babies as they don't have any hair to keep them warm in the early days.  Even in a heated barn, they can get chilly.  I think they had better be my next project.
Also got some baking done today so shouldn't have to do any more of that for a few days.
It has been a nice sunny day and only 7 below so I thought I was okay to leave Heidi's bootees off when we went for our walk.  I did stick them in my pocket just in case.  Good thing I did.  We didn't even get all the way down the driveway when she started doing the 3 legged hop.  I guess as long as there is snow on the ground she is going to need to be covered.  Her hind right foot seems to be the most sensitive.

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