Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Make a List. Check it Twice.

Another sunny day.  I think we might be experiencing a mini January thaw as the temperature is just below freezing.  The icicles are dripping and squirrels are happily dashing around in the warmth.
It has been a busy day and tomorrow will be the same.  I am finding it hard to get a few minutes quilting time but, hopefully tomorrow afternoon.
We were shopping this morning and then I had to stand on the ready as my hubby was taking snow from the roof.  A big job and one that should have been done earlier but we didn't have the right shovel.  At least it is done before the warmth increases the weight of the snow.
I am a little frustrated with my shopping trip.  I forgot to buy sugar and this is the third time I came home without it.  I can get it in the village but it is a dollar cheaper in the town.  It seems that even when you make a list you still miss things.
I ordered a quilt kit yesterday.  I have never bought one before but this one was 25% off and will be perfect for a gift that I need.  The pattern is one that I can use again as well.
Hope your weather is as pleasant as ours.

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