Tuesday, February 24, 2015


This is the second block in the Over the Rainbow Challenge.  It is sponsored by Pattern Pastiche, (part of The Quilt Pattern Magazine) .  I am enjoying the block of the month as the instructions are easy to follow and challenging enough to keep you on your toes.
Today, I taught my first quilting class at our junior high school. The 12 students included 2 boys which I was glad to see.  I went over the basics of using a rotary cutter with ruler and mat for this lesson and they picked it up quickly.  The biggest problem at the moment is not having supplies. 
I don't know what it is like in your area but I suspect it is the same as here.  Often the teachers have to augment supplies out of their own pocket because the budget doesn't stretch far enough.  I don't know what causes the problem but I do know that education is the biggest part of our property taxes.
If you have a school in your area that teaches sewing in any form but particularly quilting (as that is my passion), consider donating your unneeded fabric and notions to them.  You could be part of encouraging the next generation of fabric artisans.

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