Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A New Day

A new day can make quite a difference.  I am feeling a lot better.  Still sniffly but I got some baking done and took our Heidi for a walk.  She had given up going to the door and looking hopeful at the usual 'walkies' time.  Poor thing.  She is going to start looking for younger pack mates if I am not careful.
I am doing the hand sewing part of the binding on the quilt I just finished.  I decided to do the binding in two colours because I didn't have enough of either to do the who thing.  I like to piece my binding and sometimes will insert a different fabric and other times do a scrappy.  We spend a lot of time making the top and then just stick on a border.  I feel that this last part of making the quilt is like a picture frame and can add to the over all look.
The next one to go onto the frame is a Mystery Quilt I did as part of a virtual retreat hosted by the Quilt Pattern Magazine. 
Now that my head is clear again, I can get the tumbler block top put together.

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