Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Keeping Up

I just finished the fourth pinwheel block for a new top I am doing.  The blocks feature a lot of black and grey with shades between the two.  The pinwheels are a bright red.  I think it will be striking and a nice gift for a young couple.
When making quilts intended for younger adults, I have to keep in mind that the traditional patterns and colours might not appeal to them.  The same is true for new mothers.  The pinks, yellow, white and blues that my contemporaries used have given away to brighter hues.  I am sure these are much more appealing to the baby as well as they don't see lighter colours as clearly as the brights .
A lot of contemporary quilts no longer have borders.  We used to be told that the border frames the quilt just as it does for a picture or photograph.  However, printed photos have been borderless for many years and many painters are opting for the simpler look.
I don't think quilters should feel obligated to keep up with the trends in colour, print and styles but, if we want to sell our products we should, at least, be aware of what is current.

I gave our Heidi a bath this morning and, as usual gave her a good rub down with a towel and then used the hair blower to dry her as much as I could.  Unfortunately, hubby hadn't let her out before her bath, and she had to go outside earlier than I would have liked.  I put one of her blanket's on and got her inside again as quickly as possible.  I then wrapped her in a blanket and gave her a good rubbing.  However, her little teeth were, literally, chattering.  She seems alright now but it wasn't a good sound.
Times like that I wished she used a litter box.

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